PR Friendly

Blog Audience

My blog is targeted to everyone around the world.

Most of my audience is located in the United States and others in Canada and United Kingdom.

Product Reviews

I am always looking to review beauty related products on my blog.

If interested in sending products for me to review please email me at :

Products being reviewed must be full sized, unopened, non returnable and non refundable to give an honest review of the product.

Content of product reviews can be emailed to you prior to publishing them, if you wish.

If however there is something I do not like about your product I will email you and discuss to publish the review or not.

A link to your product or company will be listed at the end of the published product review for my readers.

Reviews will be published in a timely manner, depending on any claims of the product. This can also be discussed in email.


If you would like to host a giveaway on my blog please email me at:

I request the same prize in the giveaway to also be sent to me for review purposes.

Giveaways will be held for two weeks prior to being reviewed by me.

Winners are selected by and you will be notified with the winner’s information. Prizes must be shipped by you within two weeks.

I am also acceptable of doing Instagram and Twitter Giveaways.


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