Ikea Alex Drawer Dupe?!

I have invested in some new storage for my collection and wanted to share with you guys my thoughts on the system.

What is it?

Recollections 5 Drawer Rolling Letterpiece

You can purchase this in store or online at Michaels


Originally it’s $89 but you can get it as low as $50.

There are coupons you can use with this item but you have to make sure the coupons don’t exclude sale items. This is typically on sale for around $60, but if you find a coupon you can use with it you can get it for $43 + taxes.

Recollections 5 Drawer, Ikea Alex Drawer

Don’t mind the redneck plunger

I personally don’t think this system is worth the original price.

Some tips I would give about putting this together . .

Get an extra hand and if available assemble on hard floor or surface

When screwing in some screws the paint around the holes will crack, but you won’t notice it after it’s put together


Make sure all screws are as tight as you can get them (without breaking anything) The screws with the “cross” are what helps lock in post screws that hold everything together. If they move them most likely they will fall out and something won’t work correctly.

I recently saw a video on someone who had this and her complaint was that the front of the drawers would fall off when she pulled the drawer out. One of my drawers had this problem as well but turns out one of the screw locks wasn’t tight enough.

Recollections 5 Drawer, Ikea ALex Drawer

Another problem I ran across which was the main one for me, my drawers kept falling off the track when pulled out. Again simple solution a middle piece that holds the side together wasn’t tight enough . .once it was, my drawers didn’t fall off.

For my needs and working out simple tightening problems this system is actually great for me.


I picked these legs up at Home Depot or Lowes and cut the very bottom off of them.

This does come with wheels, but I didn’t want to use them because I could just see my daughter trying to wheel it out of the bathroom, so instead my dad was kind enough to add some wooden legs to the bottom to get the desired height I needed.

Recollections 5 Drawer, Ikea Alex Drawer

 For me the drawers are deep, wide and long enough.

Also the bottom board is a little bit thinner so I wouldn’t plan putting anything heavy in each drawer.

Honestly after putting this together on my own and having problems I was regretting purchasing this. But it took someone else help to go over what I “missed” or was getting frustrated with. Now I actually love it and can’t wait to fill it up.

In a separate post after everything is done I will be sure to share with you guys how I set it up on the inside!

I also found some other drawers like these and the Ikea Alex drawers. I obviously haven’t tried them but I have read great reviews on them.

Bed Bath & Beyond Halifax Drawers

*Disclaimer* I typed this post a long time ago and I guess forgot about it. So I decided to still share it with you guys and I will most definitely share later on; how I have it set up!


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