My New Addiction & Life!

Hello everyone! Long time no talk.

I’m really sorry about my absence but life was hectic and I was working on something that I’ve been really dedicated to. At times I wanted to give up but, I kept telling myself it’s something I really enjoy and love so I need to do it.

I’ve decided to open up my own etsy shop selling planner stickers! Yay! I fell so in love with this “hobby” of planning. At first I started out buying stickers from esty then wanted to make my own for personal use. Once I started doing that, I invested in a Silhouette Portrait and then things started taking off with ideas.

Although I just opened my shop yesterday, I’m really happy I did and can’t wait for people to experience my work. I have had the thought of “what if I never sell anything” but, I’ve done some reading and many people say it may take weeks to months. Hopefully it’s weeks but either way I can’t wait.

I also changed my blog instagram (shandelfaithblog) to my planner shop instagram (CreativePlanningCo). I chose to change it because I just wasn’t into instagraming about beauty anymore. I don’t really have anything to post about. Don’t worry I won’t be changing my blog to just planner related stuff but, I will be posting new listings and spreads that I use for planning out my weeks.

CreativePlanningCo Etsy Planner Stickers Erin Condren Personal Planner

Along with some beauty things. I recently also cancelled my Boxycharm box, only because I wasn’t using much of the products I got and chose to try out the Sephora Play! box.

So thank you to anyone who continues to support me for my beauty blog and welcome to any new comers for my planning posts!

CreativePlanningCo Etsy Planner Stickers Erin Condren Personal Planner

I listed some items in my shop yesterday and more will be added on friday!

You can use the code Welcome20 for 20% off your entire order.

Be sure to check back friday for releases of the new things I’ll be adding.

Etsy Shop –

CreativePlsnningCo Etsy Planner Stickers Erin Condren Personal Planner


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