CoastalScents Revealed Smoky | Review & Swatches

This post is long over due and I’ve finally had the time to sit down and prepare for it.

This new palette made by CoastalScents; is their take on the Urban Decay Smoky Palette.

It has 20 shadows that have ones that are similar to ones you can find in the Urban Decay Palette.

The palette sells for $19.95 on CoastalScents’ website.

If you would like to check it out you can do so here ->

My thoughts on this palette is slightly higher than the Revealed 3 Palette.

I do wish the matte shades were a little more creamy like in the Revealed and Revealed 2.

Some of the chunkier glitter shadows I feel would work a lot better when applied wet.

The more satin, shimmer shades are perfect, their color pay off is amazing.

CoastalScents Revealed Smoky

Row One

CoastalScents Revealed Smoky

Row Two

You can see that the streaky less pigmented shades are the matte shades, I’m not sure why black is so pigmented, but the matte shades are definitely not as soft as like in the first and second Revealed palette.

I honestly haven’t been reaching much for this palette, but when I do I tend to only use the shimmer shades since they’re the softest ad easy to blend out.

I do need to play around more with it when I get the chance to!

Have you tried this palette out , what are your thoughts on it?


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