2015 Favorites | Face & Skincare

Where in the world did 2015 go?

I’m going to make these short as possible. If any products mentioned have a review here on my blog, I will make sure to link them. Also I will leave links for the product as well if you’re interested in any of them.


Mary Lou Manizer by the Balm

The Balm MarylouManizer Highlight

The great thing about this is it’s an multi use product, which could be helpful while traveling. For my skin tone it gives a perfect subtle glow depending on how much you pack on, but you don’t need that much.

OFRA Blush Strips in Illuminating

OFRA Blush Stripes Illuminating

This is also another multi use product. Typically when I use this I won’t put on any other highlighter and just use the pink shade as a blush/highlight glow.


Rimmel 25hr Lasting Finish


I like how this foundation has a serum added into it, helps keep my skin from getting dry and flakey.

Maybelline FIT Me Dewey & Smooth


I typically use this during the summer because it gives a subtle dew to the skin without looking too oily. I also find that this gives me really great coverage.

Face / Setting Powder:

Airspun Powder


No matter what type of powder I used, it always made my skin look like I was wearing makeup. I wouldn’t necessarily say “cake face” but my pores are large that you can see them through any foundation and powder seemed to emphasize them more.

This powder helps a little since it’s so smooth and very fine. It also helps my concealer stay in place quite better than other powders I have used.



The best thing I could ever add to my skincare routine was the Pixnor Facial and Body brush. I think this is a great start if you want something similar to the clarasonic wothout spending an arm and a leg! This brush helps clean my face and afterwards my skin feels so soft and smooth. It also helped get rid of some acne but I will admit I didn’t keep up with it some days and my acne came back. I think that would happen with any cleansing brush out there.

Clean & Clear Gel Moisturizer and Morning Burst Scrub


I have been on the hunt for a gel moisturizer and I finally found it. This moisturizer feels cooling and relaxing like you’re in a spa. It dries to a matte silky touch. The cleanser just helps refresh my skin in the morning and prepares it for any makeup application.

Neutrogena Acne Wash


This has really helped calm down any break outs and make them disappear. It’s creamy and gentle without a burning sensation I can experience with salycilic acid.



6 responses to “2015 Favorites | Face & Skincare

  1. I use he neutrogenia oil free moisturiser and I really like it, but I hadn’t heard of the acne wash by them before so I might have to pick one of these up when I’m out shopping next 😋 thanks X
    Kristy X


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