DIY Setting Spray / Mixing Medium (MAC Fix+)

I like to experiment with things when I come across them.

This one is supposed to be a dupe or close to the MAC Fix + Spray.

I’ve never tried Fix + but if I came across a million tutorials that says this is a dupe, then I will believe it. My thought of use for this is just to foil shadows.

Things You Need:

MAC Fix+ Dupe, DIY, Setting Spray

Spray bottle (I would suggest the travel spray bottles or an old bottle you may have; I decided after I use up my travel sized UD setting spray I’ll use that bottle)

MAC Fix+ Dupe, DIY, Setting Spray

Glycerin (any pharmacy will have this)

Water (distilled or purified)

Rose Water (optional, I didn’t have any so I didn’t use it)


This all depends on what size of spray bottle you have.

I just eye balled it.

I filled my spray bottle about half way then added about 20 drops of glycerin to the water (10 drops if you have more oily skin).

If you have rose water you can fill the other half of the bottle up.

After all ingredients are in the bottle put the cap on and shake!

I sprayed some on the back of my hand and the spot I sprayed was pretty smooth and silky.

I also tested this out and was pretty surprised with the results.

DIY Mac Fix Plus

 I used the shadow Glacier by Coastal Scents. The spray made the shadow slide on my arm better while keeping pigmentation (unlike with no spray it just stopped). To me it just looks more even than really making this particular shadow pop, but then you could also pack on the shadow and spray the heck out of it to make it really pop.

Hope you enjoyed this DIY!

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