Kelsey Westman Beauty | Haul #2

If you’ve never heard of the cosmetic brand Kelsey Westman then you can check out my first haul. -> Kelsey Westman Haul #1

As I stated in that post, I wanted to try out more things from her brand.

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The matte eye shadow palette I shared in that post were her old formula of matte shadows. After posting that Kelsey reached out to me on my Instagram and said that she would be re formulating and releasing new matte shades soon.

Being that I never tried her matte shades I ordered some of those and as well as another confidence eye shadow.

The new confidence shadow I picked up was Remedy; a rose gold pink.

Kelsey Westman Beauty Remedy

The mattes I chose were Gilt, Untouched, Cork and Vanilla Cream.

Kelsey Westman Beauty Mattes

I am guessing these are the new matte shades but I am not 100% sure since I haven’t tried them out before.


This is described as a medium brown.


Deep orange brown


Light/tan beige

Vanilla Cream

Off white / cream


The only problem I had was with the shade Gilt, I tried swatching it and as soon as I rubbed my finger in the shade there was a film that formed over the shadow and you can see my finger print. (In order to get is to swatch I had to scrap some off and use the powder that was scraped.)

I’m not sure if it’s just this shade since the other three matte shades I had no problem with swatching or using a brush with them, their perfectly fine.

Either way I’ll do what I can to make it work, scraping a little bit off seems to work and it turned out to be a really pretty transition color.

Some extra things Kelsey was so kind to add were some eye shadows and a eye shadow brush.

Kelsey Westman Beauty

I’m not sure of these shadows are new, existing or old. I would assume their old because they came in old packaging, plus I couldn’t find them on her website since these only had a number as the name. But these were so silky and literally swatched with one stroke (no joke).

*Disclaimer – I purchased the Confidence and Confidence Matte shadows with my own money. Kelsey was kind enough to throw in some extra goodies! All opinions are 100% honest*

*All affiliate links are marked with (*)

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