Pick6deals.com Haul|Review

I heard about this company after watching Vad is Rad’s video and I am so happy I checked it out and purchased some things.

Pick6deals.com is a website where they sell drugstore brands;

some well known brands and other I’ve never heard of before.

The idea behind this site is if you buy six products from the same color category but you pay as if you only bought five products.

There are 26 color categories and their prices range from $1 to $24.

They also have tons and tons of eyelashes.

To understand more clearly you can check out the How it Works on their site.

I also noticed that many products are $1 – $2 cheaper than in stores or on the brands websites.

Packaging was AWESOME! It came in a box with shipping peanuts all in the bottom and around. Each like product were in a baggy, with everything in another bag packed with peanuts. Wrapped with tissue paper and sealed with a sticker and tape. It also smelled amazing, mine smelled kinda of like Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon.

Let’s see what I got! I will be doing individual reviews of these products once I try them all out!

LAcolorsgelL.A. Colors Gel Nail Polish

This was probably the most exciting thing I saw that I had to get.

Ever since these came out I have been searching and searching for them but could never find them.

But finally I found them! Hopefully they come out with different colors, all the available ones I saw were more like neon colors.

Even thought it’s fall; you better believe I am going to be rocking some coral and bright blue nails!

LAGirlmatteglossL.A. Girl Matte Pigment Gloss

I’ve also been wanting these since they launched but never got around to it.

I picked the three I thought I would like based on a live swatching video.

But Bazaar in real life looks too pink for me, but we will see.

LAGirlgellinerL.A. Girl Gel Glide Pencil Liner

I’m hoping these work in my water line, but these were also another must have item I wanted.

LAGirlconcealL.A. Girl Pro Conceal

I got orange corrector and Classic Ivory. I did test out the Classic Ivory and this has a pink tone to it, helped brighten a little.

LAGirlprimerL.A. Girl Pro Prep Primer

I know I have seen someone compare this to an high end primer but for the love of me I can’t remember who it was or what primer it was being compared to. Plus I don’t have an actual face primer other than the Mirabella one.

nyxpearlshadowNYX Ultra Pearl Mania

Just a impulse buy, I don’t know.

DSC_2034City Color Creamy Liner & Liquid Liner

Another impulse buy, but I have been wanting to try this brand out. I plan to go back and purchase more of this brand.

Those were all the products I bought from pick6deals.com!

Keep on the look out for individual reviews over the next couple of weeks.

Remeber: In order to get the buy 6 pay for 5 deal, you have to fill one color with 6 items.


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