Fall Favorite Tag

This tag was originally started by Jaclyn Hill on Youtube, but who said bloggers couldn’t follow along?


With being sick and busy I needed something easy to throw up for you guys.

My schedule may be not what I originally do (mon, wed & fri) because colder weather means the boyfriend works late and I’m left alone chasing after a crazy one year old.

So in advanced sorry if I only get one post up a week for a while.

Favorite Fall Candle –

DSC_1982I’m cheap when it comes to candles, I just can’t see myself throwing away $20+ for a candle.

I usually purchase mine from Wal-Mart or Target. Sometimes you can find good ones at stores like Tj Maxx, Ross, etc.

As of right now the two I am burning are from Wal-Mart, Mainstays Aroma Beads in Banana Nut Bread and Apple Pumpkin.

Favorite Lip Color –

DSC_1983Maybelline Daringly Nude, I’m not really into the dark lips, I like them and would love to try them but I don’t think it would look good on me.

Favorite Drink –

Coffee, it’s always coffee. I reeeeallly love Baskin Robins Cappuccino Blast in Caramel but I not longer have a Baskin Robins/ Dunkin Donuts around me anymore.

Favorite Clothing Item –

Easily hoodies and Uggs.

Favorite Fall Movie –

I honestly don’t have one, I’m not in the whole season themed films.

Favorite Fall Tv Show –

gothamGotham, it’s not “fall” themed, but a new season always starts in fall. Sadly it’s the only show I keep up with since we no longer have premium cable.

Favorite Thanksgiving Food –

I call it stuffing but it’s actually called dressing I believe. My aunt is from the south and they call it stuffing, but in the north stuffing is the dry bread stuff, I like the wet mushy stuff.

Favorite Halloween Costume –

My daughters cat costume I’m making. It’s my first real DIY project for someone else. Even though it’s just a tutu, a tail and some ears I have to make, I’ve already made mistakes on the first trip to Jo Anns Fabric.

Well that’s it! I hope you got to learn a little about me and my favorite things!

If you would like, you can also do this tag!


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