Kelsey Westman Beauty Haul | Review + Swatches

Kelsey Westman Beauty is a new upcoming beauty brand (cruelty free) owned and ran by Kelsey Westman.

All of her products are hand-made by her.

She has eyeshadows (matte and foiled)


Lip and cheek stains

Skincare (moisturizers and primer spray)

She’s coming out with foundations and oil drops

She’s also looking into adding makeup brushes to her line

Be sure to check out her website and follow her on Instagram to keep up to date with new products.

She also has a Youtube channel.

Onto the haul.

Couple of weeks ago she was having a sale where you get free shipping and a free surprise eyeshadow palette when you spend $24+.

I ended up getting her Shadow Spray Intensifier + Primer and four Confidence eyeshadows.

kwbshadowsThese are all “foiled” like shadows. Very pigmented and extremely soft.

I have never used hand made eyeshadows before, and I can say these blow away all of my palettes and single shadows I own. They have like a “squishy” texture but very soft and smooth.

Excellent color payoff, I mean like these are better than my Too Faced Palette,


These are so amazing I can’t believe how affordable they are! Only $5 an eye shadow.


Her Shadow Spray + Primer comes in cucumber infused and moisturizer infused.

I went with the cucumber one, but I can’t smell any cucumber.

I haven’t tested this out to it’s full capacity yet, but I can say that it does a great job with shadows.


The eyeshadow palette I got are all matte shades. I’m going to guess this is from when her brand was Belle Moi but I’m not sure. I haven’t tried any of her matte shadows from her new line yet so I can’t compare them to those.

But I did notice these shadows in this palette were soft but powdery and not very pigmented.

To swatch I had to go over them a couple of times. But I haven’t tried it on my eyes yet so maybe they’ll apply better.


I really do recommend you guys trying out her new Confidence line, especially her foiled shadows.

I’m definitely will be purchasing more from this brand.


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