Walmart Beauty Box | Fall 2015

This seasons box had the most products in it that I have received yet.

Just like Target; Walmart has a seasonal beauty box for $5.

Granted not everything is always full size in this box but even the deluxe samples are good.

If you would like to start getting this box you can click the link below to sign up and still get the fall box!

Walmart Beauty Box


in the box:

Schick Hydro Silk Razor-

I actually am 100% happy this came in here. I needed a new razor and just hate paying for them.

Inside the box was a little coupon booklet for $8 savings.

Aussie Mega Flexible Hold Hairspray-

I don’t typically use hairspray, but I will give this a shot since it supposed to be flexible hold.

Dove Advanced Care 48h Deodorant-

I usually go for the gel stick, but since I got this I will definitely use it.

I’m not sure if the name is called beauty finish or if that’s the line, but it smells fresh and floral.

Neutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara-

This was in my spring box. I use it every now and then. It does leave my lashes very soft and not clumpy.

Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer-

Contains SPF 30, so I probably won’t use this . . only because I can’t handle sunscreen smell and this certainly has it.

ACT Mouthwash-

Who couldn’t use a mouthwash?

Caress Fine Fragrance Body Wash-

This is the new line of their body wash that I have been looking every where for and I can’t find it.

The scent I got is Adore Forever. It smells good, I hope it lasts like it says it will.

Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask-

I did try using this and either I’m not doing it right or I’m not sure.

You wet your face then apply the mask and massage the mask in for one minute.

Being a mask I thought once I applied it and spread it around that the mask would stay how it comes out of the package.

But it doesn’t, it melts in with the water that’s on your face and looks nothing like a mask.

It heats up as soon as you put it on your face but once rubbed in it goes away.

I still have some left and will try it again but, I don’t see this being a mask, more like a cleanser you let sit.

Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer-

There’s two different scents; Coconut Oil and Monoi OIl.

This is a moisturizer you put on before drying with a towel. It’s not like Nivea’s in shower moisturizer, which I ended up hating because it left my skin feeling sticky.

After you apply the moisturizer to your wet skin you pat your skin with a towel to dry off.

I haven’t tried this but I’ll give it a go since I have heard good things about this product and I will let you know I feel about it.

Crest 3D White Professional Polish-

A two step whitening process. Deep cleansing toothpaste and a whitening finisher.

I will try this out, but I already know I won’t be thrilled due to my teeth being sensitive.

If I notice a difference (which I doubt I will) after the first use and it doesn’t bother my teeth then maybe I will invest in this.

Nivea Extended Moisture Body Lotion-

It’s great getting lotion in boxes, but can someone please put an actual amount I can try. I can’t use a foil packet on my entire body. Maybe it’s enough for my hands, and their really dry.

(Just applied this while I was typing and it smells good, very light formula.)

I have a lot of new great things to try out from this box!


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