Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs | Review

airbrushlegsSally Hansen Airbrush Leg Makeup comes in two different formulas; Lotion and Spray.

Today I will be talking about the lotion I received from Influenster for a free review.

You can find this product at almost any drugstore and Ulta.

Price is $12,99 at Ulta, but I’m pretty sure it’s close to that price any where else.

It comes in five shades:


Light Glow

Medium Glow

Tan Glow

Deep Glow

Claims via Sally Hansen:

Perfect legs instantly

Hides imperfections

Won’t rub off on clothes


My thoughts:

I have previously purchased this from Ulta as a travel size, just to try it out.

For me the shade medium is too dark and orange.

I’ve tried applying it with a tan mitt and my hands.

Neither way made this product seem special to me.

I have bruises on my shins from playing years of softball, and this product actually made them more noticeable.

Also around my ankles and on my feet it seemed very orange and patchy.

It also rubbed off onto my socks even after letting it dry for an hour at least.

It does dry pretty quick but I guess if you have tight fitting clothing like socks then it will transfer no matter what.

It’s exactly what it says it is . . foundation for your legs.

It leaves a soft and smooth finish.

Technically this is just to be used a quick tan for instant need, but it did last for a couple of days.

The after first application the orange went away a little but my feet and ankles were still blotchy.

All in all I would not personally purchase this again, unless I can find the lightest shade, which I can never find.

I much rather take the time in self tanning, knowing it looks more natural.

* I received this sample size of Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs for free from Influenster for a review. This review is based on my own opinions and experiences.*


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