Makeup Collection | Elf

Elf can be a hit or miss brand. Some of their products are off the wall and constantly compared to high end brands, while others are just not even worth the $1.


Studio Pressed Powder (Sand)

If I’m not using translucent powder to set my face, then I will grab this. It helps add a little color back to my face if my foundation seems too light.


Pressed Mineral Blush and Bronzer (Cabo Cabana & Tan Toffee)

Their both smooth. The blush takes some building up, but the bronzer is very pigmented.


HD Lifting Concealer (Light & Fair)

I don’t really like using these for under the eyes. Their both a bit too dark for under the eyes if you’re looking for brightness.


Studio Long-Lasting Lustrous Cream Shadows (Gala & Party)

These are more like a mousse texture and very pigmented. Their both great for shadow base to amp up your shadows or you can wear them on their on.


Pressed Mineral Shadows & Baked Shadow (Wine Not, Lunchbreak,What’s Your Name & Toasted)

Wine Not is a purple brown with gold fleks. Lunchbreak is like a light brown and What’s Your Name is a purple brown.

I just looked on Elf’s website for these and apparently they discontinued them.


Smudge Pot (Back to Basics)

These are also great for bases or on their on. I joke you not these literally do not go anywhere. I accidentally forgot to wipe it off before I went to bed and it was still there, even after trying to wash it off with soap and water.


Matte Lip Color & Studio Mineral Lipstick (Rich Raspberry, Praline & Tea Rose)

I had an essential lipstick in voodoo but I can’t find it. I don’t wear the mineral lipstick because I don’t like the color. My favorite on is Tea Rose in the Matte Lip Colors. I wouldn’t say these are true mattes, they also keep lips moisturized,

What are some Elf products you have and love?


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