Bh Cosmetics 10 Piece Eco Luxe Brushes | Review

I’ve been putting this post off long enough.

You might have seen me mention this brush set in my Bh Cosmetics Haul a month ago.

But, I’m finally here to give you my thoughts on this set!

This set was $10 when I got my hands on it, but as of right now the price is $30 and it’s out of stock.

Made with all natural and recycled materials.

Soft synthetic bristles.

Comes with Linen case.


Set includes-

1- Powder Brush

2- Angled Blush Brush

3- Foundation Brush

4- Blending Brush

5- Contouring Blending Brush

6- Smudge Brush

7- Flat Shadow

8- Angled Shadow

9- Flat Eyeliner

10- Lip/Concealer Brush

My Thoughts:

They are very soft and comfortable to hold.

They blend and hold onto shadows very well.

Some of my favorite brushes that I use almost every time I apply makeup are . .

  • Powder Brush
  • Angled Blush Brush (i use this for blush, bronzer and sometimes highlight)
  • Blending Brush (really great at getting into the crease and buffing out colors)
  • Smudge Brush (use for lower lash line)
  • Contouring Blush (use as flat shadow brush)
  • Flat Shadow Brush
  • Flat Eyeliner Brush (also use lower lash line)

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5 responses to “Bh Cosmetics 10 Piece Eco Luxe Brushes | Review

      • Ahhh my apologies huni – sorry I thought they were the actual Eco Tools, gee they’re very alike!!! A great range of brushes, shame they’re sold out 😦 to get them for $10 is incredible! Apologies again for totally misinterpreting – either way you got a great deal 😉 hehe x


      • Probably to build up good reviews first that ranks them high in the best sellers list… the rest will now pay full whack based on reviews that were actually relevant to it’s cheaper price point. That’s just a guess – but gee didn’t I go into a corporate ramble there lol lol On the bright side you got yourself a bargain hun 😉 XX


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