Nume Silhouette Straightener Review

Grab your favorite drink and snack because this may be a long one.

You may have heard of Nume being hyped by so many beauty gurus on Youtube.

My straightener I was using before I purchased the Nume was a Remington S-9951. It was the best thing ever, but since having it for a really long time I thought it was time for a new straightener.

I only thought of trying out Nume because they have super discount codes where you get $100+ off an item.

I Googled “Nume coupon 2015” and chose RetailMeNot’s website.

There was a coupon code specifically for the Silhoutte for $29. The code has since expired.

This code gave me $110 off $139 original price. After shipping everything was totaled to $41. Yes shipping was $12 standard which in itself I think is absolutely ridiculous.

I got my straightener about a week later and was excited to try it out.

About the straightener:


It comes in two colors; Pink or Turquoise.

I also think there is an option for a different outlet plug, but currently looking at the website I can’t find where that option is.

Plates are pure ceramic.

1.25in rounded “floating” plates

Corrosion resistant

Negative Ion Therapy conditions hair

You can also curl your hair with this

Temperature control from 140 F to 410 F

Swivel Power Cord


All controls are on the inside of the handle

On/Off Switch

Temp Control

Light Indicator is on the outside

Doesn’t turn off by itself if not in use

The first time I used it at a low setting a little above 140 F. It heated up pretty quickly but I did notice I had to pass several times to get my hair straight.

Uses after that I set it to the middle and it heated up just as quick, but was better at straightening my hair with one pass.

I would highly suggest not to use this at the hottest setting (410 F), that sh*t will burn your hands.

I also noticed after the iron heated up and the light turned green, while using it the light would go back and forth from green to red then most of the time would just stay red, but it was still hot and doing it’s job.

The plates are also cut with a ridge and aren’t covered in ceramic I guess, this is what I believe is pulling my hair.

beforeafternumeMy hair is naturally wavy/curly and I always let my hair air dry so usually the next day after I washed my hair I will straighten it.

The straightener left my hair smooth and shiny after use and held up pretty well throughout the day.

If you’re considering in purchasing anything from Nume please take a look at the chart from Nume’s site.

Screenshot (13)

Is it worth it? I honestly feel bad for paying $41 for a straightener I’m iffy about. Plus I can’t return it.

It does a great job making my hair straight and soft, but at the same time it’s time consuming and gets really hot.

Sorry for this really long post, but at the same time I wish there was more reviews about Nume’s straighteners before I purchased this. So hopefully if you’re considering purchasing anything from Nume (curling wand or straightener), this will some what help you in that decision!

Thanks for reading!


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