BH Cosmetics “Wild” Baked Eyeshadow Palettes|Review & Swatches

I kept you all waiting for the swatches of these palettes, and now I’m excited to show them to you!

BH Cosmetics has three palettes in this line; Wild & Free, Wild at Heart and Wild Child.

They also recently came out with a baked bronzer and highlighter palette.

I only purchased Wild & Free and Wild at Heart Palettes.

9 Baked Shadows in each palette.

Can be used wet or dry

These are smooth almost like a silky satin feel

Pigmented but also very buildable.

The price on these varify due to BH always having sales, I paid $8 which is what their listed as on their site right now.

Wild & Free Palette:

This palette consists of greens, blues, bronze and purple.


Wild at Heart Palette:

This consists of mostly pink and purples.


All the swatches were without primer, that’s pretty intense color payoff!

My next BH purchase, I will definitely get the third palette and the bronzer/highlight palette!

If interested in checking out BH’s website –> BH Cosmetics

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