First Impressions | Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette

HSN has a special code out that gives you $20 off a $40+ purchase.

The code is available to use until July 31st. Code: 154432.

I highly advise and recommend you to go to Nouvea Cheap’s blog and read all the details on this code.

Anyways, she mentioned that everyone ends up getting the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palettes with this code, so I gave in and gave it a go.

I chose the Semi Sweet version only because they had a deal where you get the palette and the Better Than Sex Mascara.

You pretty much got the mascara for free, plus it’s a sample size (which I didn’t know, the image looked full size).

I could have gotten just the palette for the same price without the mascara but I wanted to try the mascara out too.

The palette and mascara was around $39 I think.

Now getting the package yesterday and playing with the palette . . I wish I would have gotten the original one.

collage_20150722135148465_20150722135342054I’m not saying “WAAAH I’m so depressed and going to hide because I made a bad choice”, more like don’t buy the second version of something if you haven’t tried the first.

Reminding you, I live an hour away both ways from an ULTA and don’t want to drive that distance to purchase something and end up walking out with nothing in hand.

So that’s why I have never seen this or swatched it in person besides purchasing it.

Just by playing with it after I got it, I think I’ve formed a little fair enough first impression. I’m not trying to be negative and say I hate this palette, but like every cosmetic thing you by; it takes time to get used to something new. And time with this is what it will take.


– It’s pretty

– It smells good

– Buttery feel even with the shimmer shades

– Durable packaging

In Between:

I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing . . but I noticed the shimmery shades look like their packed with glitter.

BUT, once applied the glitter seems to blend away but there’s still some left behind.

CONs (in my opinion):

– Some pigmented shades, others not so pigmented (this can be a good and bad thing)

– You have to build up a lot of the colors to get the color that’s in the pan (ex. puddin barely showed when I tried a look with it.)

– I could still smell the scent after I put it on my eyes (I wouldn’t really say it’s a bad thing, but there’s people out there that are sensitive to scents)

– I noticed fall out and balls of shadow when applied (mainly happened with I would use matte shades)


Row 1


Row 2


Row 3

Out off these the best pigmented are row three.

Final Impressions:

I do like it, I actual like all the colors in it, even the blue.

I think you can realistically create an everyday look with all these shades including the blue.

I wish the scent was slightly less, I just think it’s weird to have eyelids smell like chocolate.

If anyone else could smell it I’m not sure and the only person for me to ask that question would be my boyfriend, and I think he would look at me weird if I asked him to smell my eyes.

There are many goods and bads with this and honestly any one could have a different opinion; my bads could be someone else’s goods vise versa.

Hopefully in the up coming weeks I’ll be posting some looks with this palette.

Hopefully my camera will be able to pick up the color (fingers crossed).

If any of you have this palette or the original one please comment below on some things you’ve experienced with them and if you have any suggestions to fixing some of my “problems”.

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3 responses to “First Impressions | Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette

  1. I love too faced shadows they are so soft:) I have some of their other palettes but have yet to try the chocolate bar ones, I might have to pick one up with that awesome code though 🙂 great swatches!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. great first impression, i may be tempted to buy one! check out my review of their natural eye palette if you get chance, i love too faced! fran xo


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