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Fun Fact: My boyfriend found a sticker off one of my COVERGIRL lipsticks in the car and asked “did you know COVERGIRL is made in Hunt Valley, MD?’.

Well no, I didn’t know that and I think that’s cool because we used to live not too far from there!

COVERGIRLfoundation1I’ve mentioned the Outlast Stay Fabulous and Ready Set Gorgeous in another post.

The newest foundation I’ve purchased is the Stay Luminous foundation; which I hope to post a review on soon.

Outlast Stay Fabulous : Matte finish, full coverage SPF 20

Stay Luminous : Dewey glow finish, medium coverage, being a little oily I have to set this

Ready, Set Gorgeous : Matte finish, light to medium coverage


DSC_1861Colorlicious Lipstick in Honeyed Bloom

It’s a light pink nude, creamy and very moisturizing.

I’m a bit confused because on COVERGIRL’S website they show this color as a purple tone along with this next one.


DSC_1864Colorlicious Lipstick in Sweetheart Blush

This is a frosty pink, but again on their website it shows it to be like taupe purple PLUS the packaging is in a brown tube.

I don’t know if they’ve changed packaging and not updated the website or what, but I found these at Target.

covergirlsupersizerSuper Sizer Mascara

Makes lashes full and lengthy

Grips onto smaller lashes in corners

Only thing I hate is it can clump easily and makes my lashes feel heavy.


covergirllinerIntensify Me Liner

Paddle brush; meaning there’s a thin side and a thick side.

It’s still not very easy for me to use, my hands shake too much.

What are some of your COVERGIRL staples in your collection?


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