14 Days of Favorite Makeup Challenge : Day Three & Four

Just going to speed things up or we’ll be here for a year.


Day Three : Primer


Hard Candy Long Wear Eye Primer

Before I purchased this I never used an actual eye primer; just a concealer.

I’ve been trying this out for a while and so far I like it and since it’s the only eye primer I have it’s becoming my fav.

It’s a skin tone color that blends into the skin, I can’t really notice when I’m wearing it.

Texture is like a silicone primer but it dries to where it’s sticky (not over annoying sticky).

Shadows blend effortlessly on top of this and last a long time.

I don’t notice any transfer with shadows throughout the day or them melting off my face.

P.S. I don’t use a face primer because I can’t find one that works for me 😦

Day Four : Bronzer

NYC Bronzer

NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer in Sunny

This is my favorite because I can use it as a bronzer and a little contouring.

It’s natural looking and not muddy.

I think this product is very universal, you can also use it as a shadow!

If I want to warm my face I always grab this guy, other bronzers I have are shimmery and to me I don’t see the point in the shimmer, your face will turn out like a disco ball.

What are some of your favorite eye primers and bronzers?


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