14 Days of Makeup Favorites Challenge : Day Two

Happy Friday!!!!

Hope everyone’s week went well, mine was exhausting . . baby gets fevers every month and it’s very exhausting.

Onto today’s makeup favorite!


Day Two: Concealer


I don’t really wear concealer that often unless it’s a “special outing”. When those times come around then I always reach for the Maybelline Master Conceal by Face Studio. The color I have is 20 Light.

This concealer is a thicker concealer and you really don’t need a whole lot. Literally barely squeezing the tube on your finger is enough. It does a pretty good job at covering darkness and blemishes. I use a wet Real Techniques Complexion Sponge and dab it out really well. Then set with my Be A Bombshell Smooth Criminal Translucent Powder.

It dark on my arm, but on my face it blends in perfectly.

Its dark on my arm, but on my face it blends in perfectly.

Another concealer that would have been my favorite was the Maybelline Fit Me in shade 15 Fair (I think). But, recently using this under my eyes and even as a base for eye shadows, I noticed that it burns. So I haven’t picked that up in a while due to burning of the skin feeling. Has anyone else that uses this concealer notice this? When I first bought it, it didn’t burn. but all of a sudden it started to burn.

Let me know what your favorite concealer is!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!


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