Milani Bella Eyes Tutorial

Hello ladies!

I just strangely had the urge to crack back into my Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadows; they needed some love!

I feel like these are a forgotten gem from the drugstore, and since going back to using them I really want to get the rest of the shades I am missing.



(I really need someone to hit me up side the head when I decide to do these . . I always forget to take in the process photos, I’m sorry!)

1. Prime eyes, I used a recent new pick up : Hard Candy Long Wear Eye Primer


2. All over the lid place a skintone shade to set primer and help blend colors

3. On a fluffy blending brush take a light brown and place above the crease

4. With a tapered crease brush dip into Bella Mandarin and place in crease, blending up


5. *Optional* Place a gold base all over lid, I used Elf smudge pot in Back to Basics


6. Dip a flat shader brush into Bella Gold and place all over lid on top of the gold base and lower lashline

Not sure how it broke

Not sure how it broke

7. Place a dark brown on the outer corner on eye and blend into the gold and up in the crease

8. Place Bella Champagne on inner corner and brow bone


9. Apply thin liner and a wing and liner in the waterline


10. Apply mascara and you’re done!


You can also use these shadows wet to intensify the look! Hope you liked it!

Thanks for stopping by!!!


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