Makeup Wipes I Regret

I don’t know about you, but when I buy makeup removing wipes I expect them to at least do something.

In this case neither of these products did what their job is supposed to be.

My favorite wipes to use is either the Wal-Mart brand of Nuetrogena or Simple Brand.

While I was at the grocery store I decided why not just buy some wipes while I’m here, because I’m too lazy to literally go 20 feet to the left into Rite-Aid.

The first ones I picked up was the Food Lion brand of Neutrogena.



– Extra soft cloths

-Easily removes all make-up dirt and oil in one easy step (ha JOKE)

First:  I don’t like the smell. It smells like baby powder. Which having a kid you would think I wouldn’t mind the scent of baby powder, but literally it makes me sick; I never buy diapers with a scent or use the millions of bottles of baby powder I have.

Second: Their so soft and thin I can’t get a grip on them to wipe anything off, they just slide right off without removing anything.

Third: To me their not “wet” enough, I don’t want dripping wipes but at least something where I know there is product in the wipe.

If they didn’t smell I would maybe use them a little more, compared to the next ones I’m about to mention they do a whole lot more.

Next I picked up the Garnier Clean +


Claims :

-Instantly removes dirt , makeup and mascara

– 1 use skin is deeply cleansed and looks / feels refreshed

– 1 week skin feels healthy and revitalized

Pfft. Using these I might as well just wipe my face off with a paper towel and some water. ‘Cause they don’t do sh*t.

Thinking since their a “name” brand product that they would be good.

They smell like any Garnier product which doesn’t bother me.

They have little wetness, and remove absolutely nothing.

I used a whole wipe front and back, folded a hundred different times to remove one eye. It wasn’t heavy eye makeup no waterproof mascara.

Then after using these on my face I realized my bronzer is still noticeable and it left my skin feeling like wet foundation.

I could literally still feel foundation and concealer on my skin.

So since branching off onto two different brands, I think I’m going to now be taking that 20 minute drive to Wal-Mart and continue buying either the generic brand of Nuetrogena wipes or the name brand ones.

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3 responses to “Makeup Wipes I Regret

      • Oh they sound great – I’ve never tried them so think I’ll pick up a pack as they’re so handy to have for quick removal – especially stubborn makeup!!! 🙂 Thanks for the tip huni XX


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