Most Used / Favorite Makeup Brushes

Since purchasing some new brushes I thought I would update you guys on some of my favorite ones I use almost everyday!

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Two brushes I use I bought off Amazon and don’t have the name to the brand.

I use the angled buffer (I’ll call it) to apply either bronzer or blush. These brushes are soft but they are starting to shed (I need to invest in better ones).

This “buffer” brush I use mostly for foundation, I will also use the Real Techniques Buffer brush but I find the bristles are more loose and it’s not getting the job done.

This unknown brand one does a great job in blending foundation but again it’s shedding and it seems like it’s hard to get makeup out of it when cleaning them.

Countour I’ll use the Real Techniques Contour Brush , or I’ll sometimes use it to set my under eyes.



Blending brushes I mostly use are the Morphe Brushes MB23 and CoastalScents BR-C-N08.


For a more defined crease color I’ll use the CoastalScents BR-250 and BR-C-N06. Their pretty much the same brush but the black one is a little bit smaller and more stiff.


Lid application I use the Morphe Brush M124, Shany Cosmetics Flat Shader (#4).


For more precise placement or under the eye I’ll use the Morphe Brush M149.

*Links are not affiliate links, just links to that brush if you’re interested in them.*

What are some of your favorite ride or die brushes?

I purchased my Shany Cosmetics Brush Set off Amazon, but the link is the closest to what I have I could find!


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