Revealed 1 & 2 Palette Tutorial + Giveaway Announcement!


I’ve recently been diving back into my CoastalScents Revealed Palettes and decided to share the look I’ve been wearing almost everyday!

But first, you probably stopped by to see what the GIVEAWAY is about?!

Since I am near my first 100 subscribers, I thought I would thank you all in supporting me and stopping by my page! I recently got two extra Revealed 2 Palettes from Boxycharm because they messed up the first box and sent me a second one and let me keep both of them.

I obviously already had the Revealed 2 and I don’t think I’ll be needing two extras any time soon, so I thought “what better way to just give them to my supporters!?”.

This is just strictly an announcement that I will be doing a giveaway and there will be TWO winners. The actual giveaway will hopefully be up sometime next week, once I figure out how to do Google Docs. For me I think that would be the easiest way to do it.

Keep a look out next week for the actual giveaway, I’ll be making a separate post with the giveaway and all the details.

Tutorial :

This look I used both Revealed Palettes.


Step 1: I primed my lids with either concealer or Mirabella Primer

Step 2: In the Revealed Palette I took color #7 and placed this upper crease and in the crease

Step 3: After the crease is blended how I like I take color #2 (slight shimmer matte) and place all over lid

Step 4: Usually after placing lid color you’d blend with crease but I took #13 in Revealed 2 and placed this on the outer v shape of my eye and took remaining color and blended in crease a little and in on the lid a little

Step 5: After building the intensity you want make sure to blend everything together, I just use the same blending brush from step 1 with nothing on it.

Step 6: I did not use a brow highlight so you add that really whenever you want, lower lash line is the crease color and outer v color.

Step 7: Apply eyeliner, add a wing, apply flesh tone liner to water line, add mascara on top and bottom lashes. Done!

201505181778430377 (1)

Thank You everyone for always stopping by and checking out my posts, seeing 100 people and thinking that many people actually (hopefully) see my posts and read them is just unbelievable to me! 


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