First Impressions : L’OREAL Telescopic Carbon Black Mascara

Good Morning Ladies!

I recently went to some drugstores to search for a particular product. Then . . I ended up with this mascara.

I picked this mascara up at Walgreens for $10.59, But I had a $1 off L’OREAL coupon and Walgreens was having a sale for all L’OREAL of buy one get one 50% off. So I ended up getting this mascara for $5 . . I think my coupon was applied to the setting spray I also picked up.

L’OREAL Telescopic Mascara in general is hyped to be the best mascara out on the market. It’s new to me, because normally I would never spend $10 on a mascara but I only got it since there was a sale.

Claims on L’OREAL Website:

– Dramatic lashes and 2x the intensity than original black mascara

– Flexible precision brush instantly lengthens up 60%

– Carbon Black Pigments dramatize your look

My Thoughts:

I love it! Despite the wand being rubber and short bristled, I really think it helps lengthens my lashes. I do however find more than one coat if not applied carefully, lashes can clump and feel hard. But for me just after one coat my lashes are instantly longer with no clumps and they feel naturally soft all day!

This is also something I can use on my lower lashes without getting mascara all over my face . . But for these pictures I did not apply it to my bottom lashes.



Thanks for stopping by! Have an awesome day!


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