New CoverGirl Super Sizer Mascara & Intensify Me Liquid Liner

Good Afternoon everyone!

I wanted to share my thoughts about the new CoverGirl Supersizer Mascara and Intensify Me Liquid Liner.

To start off this post these two items were sent to me from Influenster for free to review, opinions are my own from my experience.

This is the first time in probably years that I have used a CoverGirl Mascara, I stay away from them only because I never like their wands. Plastic wands and bristles make my lashes stick together and clump like no tomorrow.

Super Sizer Mascara :


Claims from Covergirl Website:

– Gives 400% more corner to corner volume for full fanned out lashes.

– Transforms even smaller lashes

– Recommended to twirl wand while applying

– Washes off with soap & water

Retails at $6.85

Pros :

– I get volume even without curling my lashes before applying this.

– The wand helps a little to get the corners of my lashes.

Cons :

– Clumps after one coat

– Wet formula

– Feels heavy after two coats

– It takes time to get into the corners of my eye to reach the small lashes



Before & After one coat


You can see how clumpy my lashes get after using two coats . . plus how it gets everywhere

Intensify Me Liquid Liner :


This a liquid liner made easy to use as if it were a pencil liner. It has two different sides you can use to achieve two different looks.

Retails at $8.

Holding it on it’s “skinny” side the wand is perfect for a thin line.

The flat part of the wand is perfect for more thick,  bold and dramatic liner.

Pros :

– Realistically easy to hold and handle

– Very black

– 2 looks in 1 product

– Doesn’t transfer

Cons :

– You need a really steady hand, for me it tends to skip


Nice thin line

I like the ideas behind both of these products and even though I have more cons than pros for the mascara, I can easily use it under a favorite mascara to get volume and length with no clumpy lashes.

If my hand was calm and steady I could really pull off the liner, it does a great job, just me using it makes it look horrible.

Once again, I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


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