BOXYCHARM: April 2015

I’ve been slacking, I know I know. I just haven’t had the motivation to sit down and type. I have content and ideas, just when I think about it I get tired and actually can’t ever do it until before I go to bed. Then I’m really tired and keep putting it off. Sorry.

But today I’m going to share what I got in my April Boxycharm. In last months post my Tarte Lip Surgence Lip Tint was damaged and I was to receive a replacement with this months box. I did get it but I ended up getting TWO boxes. The first box they sent out they forgot to add the Tarte product in it, so they sent me another box with it in it, and they said I could keep the first box on them. The only different product I got in the second box was an eyeliner duo, but I will share that with you!

In the box:

Coolway Smoothing Lotion – Full Size $24.95

Harvey Prince Roller Perfume – Mini Size $21

CoastalScents Revealed 2 Palette – Full Size $39.95 (but it really is only sold for $19.99)

Vincent Longo Due Eyeliner Pencil (2nd box) – Full size $26

OFRA Illuminating Blush Strips – Full Size $35

Model Co Lipgloss (1st box) – Full Size $16

One Box Total Value (based off first box with lipgloss) $ 136.90


Coolway Smoothing Lotion – This conditioning lotion is packed with vitamins & proteins to smooth and control out of control hair. Apply as needed to damp or dry hair & style as usual.

I think it’s cool how this brand created products to go with their flat iron but also works with other heating tools. I first tried this on damp hair and let it air dry overnight. Then the second time I tried this I applied it to my dry hair before straightening it and after using my flat iron my hair was so smooth and soft and into the next morning my hair was still straight and soft. This to me smells like either Pez candy or Smarties, which is not bad at all I just can never specify exactly what it is.


Model Co Shine Ultra Lip Gloss – Going to be completely honest . . this is really goopy and too sticky for me. But the smell is nice again like candy. I swatched it on the back of my hand but it’s really just a shine lip gloss with some pink in it but you won’t be able to tell unless it’s topped on something. I did apply this to my lips and immediately had to take it off due to the stickiness.


OFRA Illuminating Blush Stripes – My mistake in going to rub them all together, totally messed up and blended together. I wouldn’t necessarily use these as a blush due to them being really shimmery, they’re more like a highlighter. But very smooth and pigmented.


Harvey Prince Signature Roller Fragrance –  Very strong, I like the scent but for me this doesn’t last very long. I have only applied it to my wrists and after a couple of hours I can’t smell it anymore and all I do everyday is literally sit at home and play with my daughter, not very much physical sweating hard core stuff. Maybe I get used to the scent after wearing it for sometime and to someone else it’s still there? I don’t know, I’m more of a spray perfume/body spray person.

CoastalScents Revealed 2 Palette – ( I thought I had a picture but apparently I deleted it, I did a full review and swatches a while back ) I already purchased this myself last year and use it almost every time I do my makeup. It’s supposed to be a close dupe to Urban Decays Naked 2 & 3 Palettes. Very smooth and pigmented more pink and rosey shades than the first Revealed Palette (brown tones). I’m almost tempted to buy the Revealed 3 Palette but I’m not sure yet . . maybe we’ll get it in this box one day.

Vincent Longo Duo Eye Pencil – (sorry for no picture) Just by swatching this it’s very creamy for a pencil liner and pretty decent pigment. I got Brown and Silver I do believe.

That’s everything I got in this months Boxycharm.

Since I have two extra Revealed 2 Palettes, I am thinking that I should do a giveaway where 2 people will win one Palette?! What do you guys think, YAY or NAY?


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