CoastalScents Haul

I am so freaking happy I got my CoastalScents order in and can share it with you guys!

After my first purchase from them, I have been loving my eye shadows soo much I needed more. Now what I tried doing was comparing shades from higher end brands to coastal scents to see if I could get something similar to the shades I was searching for. It kind of worked . . I mostly just compared them to Makeup Geek . . only because I find spending $50 on several things then just five things is more ideal to me.

All swatches and photos will be listed at the end!

What I got:


12 Hot Pot Case – I didn’t realize this was magnetic . . it probably tells you that in the description but I didn’t pay attention to it, so when I put my shadows in there I got a little too excited.


Pro Blending Fluff – This has been said to be a dupe for the MAC 217 brush . . I personally wouldn’t know because I don’t own MAC brushes. But CoffeeBreakwithDani on Youtube did a comparison of the two. I really like this brush, it’s soft and blends shadows flawlessly.


Classic Shadow Medium Brush – So the brushes shown on the website look hella lot smaller than what they actually are. But I still like it and it applies colors pretty good in one try.


Classic Blender Natural – Just a fluffy blending brush, really soft .. haven’t really used it much yet.


Classic Bent Liner Synthetic Brush – The angled liner brush I wanted was out of stock so I went with this. It looked easy enough to use. I honestly love this thing . . I think it’s a lot easier to apply gel liner with this than my angled liner brushes I have now. It did help keep my line smoother and thinner but I need to practice more on the wing part.

Hot Pots:

Amethyst – Shimmer

Peachy Copper – Shimmer

Oatmeal Tan – Matte

Petal Peach – Matte (I compared this to Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie, they both looked similar in color on the website)

Forest Eve – Shimmer

Glacier Blue – Shimmer

Tanzinite – Shimmer

Spiceberry – Satin

Profound Plum – Matte

Mai Tai – Shimmer

Indigo – Matte

Raisin Berry – Shimmer

The darker matte shades as you will see in the swatches are a little lighter of an application. I had to swatch them twice to build up the intensity in the pictures. Petal Peach & Oatmeal Tan were really smooth and only took once to get that intense swatch. The shimmer and satin shades are creamy and apply so freaking amazing I’m in love. I would love to see what adding a little of primer or water can do to these intense colors.

They also sent me a sample of some of their blushes.

Forever Blushes Set 2:


I would probably use the shimmery one as an eyeshadow . . I think it’s too shimmery to be on the cheeks. Their both smooth and very pigmented.



Bottom to Top: Oatmeal Tan, Petal Peach, Profound Plum & Indigo

Bottom to Top:
Oatmeal Tan, Petal Peach, Profound Plum & Indigo


Bottom To Top: Glacier Blue, Tanzanite, Forest Green, Raisin Berry, Mai Tai, Amethyst & Peachy Copper

Disclosure : I purchased all these items with my own money.


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