RIMMEL Provocalips Review

Happy Monday Everyone!!

Today I’m going to spill my thoughts on the Rimmel Provocalips Kiss Proof Lip Color.

You can purchase Provocalips at Target, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Meijer & Walgreens. I personally have only spotted these at Target and Walmart. I got the shade Dare To Pink at Target for $6 or $7.

I know I mention in a lot of posts that pink anything for the lips just doesn’t suit me or to me look good at all. But, this pink was different, it’s light and nudey to me . . not too much POW there’s pink on your lips.

This line comes in 10 shades ranging from light pink to a brown red with some purples also in the line.


Let’s see what Rimmel claims this product does:

Kiss Proof, Transfer Proof, Food Proof & High Impacted Endless Color

No Dry Lips

– Leaves Lips Feeling Smooth & Moisturized All Day

– Easy Removal With Oil Based Makeup Remover

How To Apply (Rimmel Website)

– Apply color and keep lips apart for 60 sec until product sets

– Apply topcoat to lock color, moisture & add shine

My Thoughts & Experience:

First off I would like to say I WISH that those directions the website lists on how to apply was actually on the product itself. WHY? I think if there is a specific time limit you need to let your lips dry separated, it should be stated . . mainly for people like me who don’t get the idea the first time.

When I applied it, it would go on nice and smooth, then i obviously made the dumb mistake to smack my lips together like you normally would when applying lipstick or gloss. Well this made it clumpy and separate into balls and then when I tried to add another layer you could see the lines in my lips.

It’s just a habit to smack my lips after applying a lip product. So honestly while typing this and looking on the Rimmel website is when I discovered I did the application wrong . .so I tried it again the right way. As of sitting here right now just the color applied after 60 sec . . it’s sticky and I’m afraid to smear my lips together. But I looked in the mirror and it’s not clumpy and you can see little lines.

After applying the topcoat which is thick and smooth not very sticky, the color is still good . . no clumps or separation.

I didn’t test this out for 16 hours but it did stay on for most of the day (8 hours). When I went to check on it, I noticed the lines in my lips, cracks and the color was more pigmented around the outline of my lips. It almost looked like I was wearing a lipliner. I didn’t notice any transfer after eating, drinking and giving baby kisses.

My Final Thoughts:

I do like the idea of this product and I love the color, it’s perfect for everyday even minimal makeup days. However, I don’t like how it can make my lips look cracked after a couple of hours and the outline of my lips tend to stand out more than the color on the lips. Even so more in the corners of my mouth. I think it’s awesome that drugstore brands are finally coming out with liquid type lipsticks since their all the rage. I didn’t notice an over powering smell of the lip color but the top coat had a smell that I can’t describe . . not a bad smell but something I know I’ve smelled before but I can’t think of it.

Right after I applied the color and top coat. You can see how it's darker around my lips.

Right after I applied the color and top coat. You can see how it’s darker around my lips.


9 responses to “RIMMEL Provocalips Review

    • I would watch reviews on youtube to finalize your decision! On some of the ones ive watched they had good turn outs but theyve said the colors on the tube dont match whats in the tube. I couldnt test that out since there was only one left on the shelf. Lol

      Liked by 1 person

      • Awwwh hate it when that happens 😦 Yes, will defo check it out more on You Tube… see what the score is. Having said that it’s not going to cost an arm & a leg on giving it a go I suppose! 😀 Xo


  1. Hi there

    Do you have problem watching it off?
    I believe Tati from glamlifeguru has said that these are a pain to wash off.

    This one looks like a pretty peach 🙂

    Oh, and I nominated you for Liebster Award, please go check on my post (will be up soon) about it if you are interested in participating, if you are not, it’s completely fine! 😀

    Skye Xx


    • Thank you! I cant exactly remeber how taking them off went since its been a while since i last used these. But i know they dont come off very easily, i would almost compare them to like taking off any glitter nail polish. I’ll take a look at your post but dont feel offended if i dont get around to posting it, its hard for me to sit for a couple minutes before my minion starts grabbing for my computer!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you for your response, shandelfaith.
        Don’t worry, it’s just a little fun thing in case you get bored or whatever. 😀
        Already followed your blog, so I’m looking forward to your future posts! 🙂

        Skye Xx


  2. Oops sorry wrong thing i commented on! Yes the lipstick . . When i go to take it off it does still leave some color behind. The most problem area i have removing them from is around the outer lip. For some reason the color tendsnto stick there the most and not want to budge. Sorry for the last reply!


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