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Hey everyone! I was given the opportunity to try out some skin care items from the brand InstaNatural.

The first three things I received I have been using them for almost a month now and believe I have some good thoughts on them.

About the brand InstaNatural

InstaNatural is one of the top sellers on Amazon for their nature inspired beauty and cosmetic products. Besides being one of the leading online selling distributors, you can also find their products at leading spas, salons and asethtic centers in the US, UAE, UK and Canada.

Beside skin care they also have a wide variety of body and hair products. Their products are mainly focused on organic and natural ingredients.

To learn more about InstaNatural stop by their website and check out all the cool products they provide.

InstaNatural Website

InstaNatural Youth Express Eye Gel


Product Claims (from bottle) : Increases elasticity and enhances the tone of your skin to provide a firm, plump appearance. Help dark circles, puffiness and sagging of the skin.

Top Ingredients: Plant Stem Cells, Hyaluronic Acid, Matrixyl 3000, Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil.

My Thoughts: To start off I LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell of this gel. It smells like cucumbers and I know I read somewhere that cucumbers is actually one of the plant ingredients in this.  It also feels good to put on, it’s cooling and very smooth not sticky when dries. I have noticed a slight dark circle decrease but honestly it is very small . . but at the same time I have noticed a huge difference in the skin under my eyes as being more softer and firmer than ever. You can also use this on other places of you face and not just your eyes, I tend to use it on my forehead where expression lines are and around my nose where it tends to get red and dry. HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you are in the need of a hydrating cooling eye gel with added benefits.

Youth Express Eye Serum


Product Claims (from bottle): Decreased appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and puffiness.

Top Ingredients: Advanced Peptide Complex, Plant Stem Cells, Matrixyl 3000, Astaxanthin, Kojic Acid, Caffeine, Passionflower, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamins C and E.

My Thoughts: As same as the eye gel I have notices a slight decrease in my undereye darkness but not significantly. My skin is really stubborn and takes forever to show that a product works or doesn’t. This smells like oranges which one of the main plant ingredients is oranges and the color is also orange. I’m not sure if the color of it is supposed to help reduce the dark circles like an under eye corrector. This also feels nice and relaxing when applied to the under eyes and is not sticky.

If you would like to check this product out

Advanced Action Retinol Moisturizer


Product Claims (from bottle): Transforms older, damaged skin into healthier and youthful appearance. Restores and renews firmness, elasticity and thickness of the skin.

Top Ingredients: Retinol is an antioxidant derived from Vitamin A.

My Thoughts: It took my a while to get used to using the right amount. Meaning not using too much. For me if I used too much my face would get sticky, wouldn’t dry correctly then would end up oily later in the day. I have to use the smallest amount and place in the spots on my face separately (forehead, cheeks and chin one at a time). This to me smells like Elmers glue (I know that sounds bad but you get used to it where you can’t smell it anymore). What I really like about this is how thick it is. The formula itself is not runny or oily, it’s very thick and stays put. This also helped out my dry patches on my forehead to where it lasted all day and no dry patches showed through when foundation was on.

Age-Defying & Skin Clearing Serum


Product Claims (from bottle): Smooths blemished and irritated skin. Sulfur penetrates skin deeply allowing Retinol and Salicylic Acid to unclog pores and bring new skin to the surface. Niacinamide removes redness and inflammation , Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid restores health to damaged skin.

Top Ingredients: Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Retinol, and Salicylic Acid.

My Thoughts: To start off I don’t put this all over my face. It’s meant to do that but I use it a little bit differently to my preference. I use this mainly as a spot treatment for blemishes and acne I have or are appearing. I don’t know why but this is the only thing with Salicylic Acid that I’ve used that actually shows results the same day used. The first time I used this I had two acne spots around my eyebrow . . one was really deep and the other was already surfaced and both extremely painful (part of the reason I haven’t posted any makeup tutorials in the past few weeks.) When I used the smallest amounts of this serum on those spots (it did burn but that’s what Salicylic Acid does) later that night I noticed the redness and puffiness of those spots were disappearing to almost gone. I’m not saying the acne themselves were gone but they were one their way to being disappeared. Now every time I have a breakout I apply this serum on those spots and keep using it until the spots are gone (which took a week). This works a lot better than say like Clean & Clear, Clearasil and any of those other acne treatments. Those treatments tend to only work the one time I started using them then my skin got used to it and stopped. But with this serum I seriously notice a difference every time I use it.

FTC Disclosure- This post is sponsored by Brandbacker and these products I received from the company for a 100% honest review are also through brandbacker. I did not receive any money in return for this review.

I know many are skeptical when posts are sponsored but I honestly would not even post this if I didn’t see even the littlest bit of change while using some of these products. I took this opportunity because I am in the search of something to help my skin get better.


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