Makeup Collection : Foundations

To start off I have no way or reason to brag about what I have. Because let me tell you, what I have is not at all interesting or new or amazing. Plus most of my stuff is drugstore that I purchased myself.

I just enjoy watching and looking at people’s makeup collection and storage. But my storage situation needs to be more prettier before I blast it all over the internet.

Today I am going to be sharing with you the foundations, I will mention if I like or dislike to keep it these posts short.


Maybelline FIT me! : I have the Matte + Poreless and the original FIT me. I have the Matte + Poreless one well basically because it’s new and I had to have it, but I figured it would do it’s job in the hotter months like summer, since I’m oily then. I do like the original one, it doesn’t emphasize any dry areas. The Matte + Poreless one obviously right now shows nothing but my dry areas as it’s meant for more oily skin types.


COVERGIRL Ready Set Gorgeous : This feels really greasy to me even though it says oil free, and it shines.


COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Fabulous : This is one of my favorites besides the original FIT me. It covers pretty well and I don’t need to use a powder with it.


Revlon Colorstay 24hr : I hate the smell of this . . I just hate any makeup that smells like makeup. Is that weird? Plus it’s too light for me and makes me look very flaky.


These two foundations I got to test for Clicks Research. Everyone in that study informed one another that they 100% believe that these are Boots No7 foundations. They also smell weird and you can tell you’re wearing them, their supposed to be mattifying but I didn’t notice that. (If you haven’t seen my post long time ago about Clicks Research I could do a more in depth post about my experience with this specific study, if you are interested)

What are your favorite foundations for winter and summer, if your skin needs changes?

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to follow along with my makeup collection. The next post will be about powder products (bronzer, blush, face powders, etc.)


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