January 2015 Favorites

I’ve purchased a lot of great things and used them in January but only a few things I really actually enjoyed using.

A couple of these products I just bought the other day, but their products that only need to be tried out once before you fall in love with them.


Rimmel Stay Matte Transparent Pressed Powder

I’ve always wanted to try this but everywhere I looked they never had the transparent shade. Even though I bought this over the weekend I really love this! I’ve never had a powder that literally stayed matte all day long. I didn’t have to touch up anything with this powder. Like any other powder is does cling to dry patches but my skins’ dry patches are weird they come back even after applying moisturizer. But if you’re not close to me then you can’t see it and that’s all the matters . . to me.

Other powder just didn’t last very long for me and you could tell I was wearing a powder.


Real Techniques Expert Face Brushes

I’m pretty sure this is the face brush line? Correct me if I;m wrong. Four comes in this bundle and I purchased mine off Amazon . . I’m lazy and i get free shipping from amazon. The only brush I didn’t use and never will is the foundation brush.

I use the Buffing Brush (Top) to apply my foundation. This brush I find that I don’t have to stipple on my foundation, it blends it out smoothly and flawlessly.

The Contour Brush (middle), I use for either setting my under eyes or sometimes for bronzer and blush.

Lastly the Detailer Brush (bottom), I use for browbone and inner corner highlights.

I really want to try out their eye brushes soon.


Mirabella Face Primer

Silicone texture. Now I can’t tell you if it really makes my makeup last longer, I don’t do check ups throughout the day when wearing this. I mostly use it on my T-Zone and eye lids (where I’m more prone to oil). But I have noticed that applied to some dry patches, it smooths them out and helps keep them from surfacing through foundation. I don’t know if it’s supposed to do that but it helps a little bit.


BH Cosmetics Liquid Eye Liner

This came with my Dark Rose Palette . . yes I love that palette but I’d like to use it more. This liner has a felt tip and is very pigmented, lasts a long time and super easy to use. It doesn’t fade like other liners I have and you can create any liner look, thick, thin anything you can think of.


Nivea In Shower Body Lotion

This is for the lazy people like me who hates applying moisturizer when they get out the shower. Again I bought this over the weekend but it seriously works like a freaking miracle. At first I thought I wasn’t going to like it, because when you get out of the shower your skin has that feeling of moisturizer over wet skin. You know what I’m talking about? the slimy feeling? I thought that’s what it was going to be like but after I’d say 15 min when I was completely dry it was smooth as a baby’s butt. I can’t stop rubbing my arms and it did a pretty good job helping my dry patches. It lasts all day into the morning, I woke up this morning feeling my arms and was so happy I found something that gives me the moisture in my skin that I need. I’m not too fond of the smell, I’ve never liked Nivea smell, it just smells like I describe it as medical uses. I don’t know i just don’t like it.

That’s it for this month! Thanks for reading, have a great monday!


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