DIY Makeup Brush Holder

I decided to get crafty on this one. I’m not a good crafty person, so when this turned out how I actually saw it in my head I was pretty darn excited.

I just wanted to share with you guys how I made my makeup brush holder . . I know there is a  lot of ones out there but here’s mine!

Let’s get started!

Things You’ll Need:

Candle jar any size you want

Dish soap and sponge

Frosted glass spray paint

Filler beads or stones

Cardstock paper if you want to make a design

Step One:


Remove wax from the candle jar. There’s several ways you can do this but I just put my candle on a candle warmer and waited until the wax was melted.

Then i poured the melted wax into the trash can.

Remove stickers on the jar . . mine came off easily but if yours don’t you can use rubbing alcohol to remove them and a razor blade.

Wash the jar with soap and a sponge and rinse.

Step Two:


Dry your jar completely and let sit in case you didn’t get the hard to reach spots, i let mine sit for maybe 30 min

If you want to put a design on yours:

Draw whatever you want on cardstock, I drew a heart and I just used some cardstock scrapbook paper I had on hand

Tape the design on the jar (I used double sided tape, it held the paper down enough so paint wouldn’t get behind it)

Take jar and paint outside and spray it according to the directions on the can

Let sit for an hour at least before you add anymore layers of paint or touch it, I just applied one layer

Step Three:


After the jar is completely dry remove your design carefully

Then you can fill it with whatever you want, I was originally going to use little glass pebbles I had in my daughters sun jar, but apparently that is lost so all I had was fish tank pebbles. (Not ideal but they worked).

Then place your jar where you like and fill it with your brushes or whatever you intend on filling it with.

Mine right now just has my eye brushes, once my other candle is burnt up I will be making another one and placing my face brushes in that one.

I really like doing DIY crafts, it’s like an accomplishment to me when the project turns out how I planned it out. Since my “beauty room” is our second bathroom for now and all I have to hold my makeup is a Rubbermaid 5 drawer tower; I plan on making it my own and organizing it more. I can’t wait to share with you guys what I do to the set up I have.

Then after that is done I can do a makeup collection and storage post if you guys would like that. Let me know down below if you would like to see that happen in the future.

Thanks Everyone & Have a Great Day!


4 responses to “DIY Makeup Brush Holder

  1. Blooming beautiful missy – I love that frosted look, it’s so pretty!!!! Amazing job – I’m going to give this design a go next.. I have a jar all ready for it too *woo hoo* 😀 Karen Xo

    Liked by 1 person

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