Hey everyone! hope you’re having a better day/week than me.

I wanted to get on here and let you guys know that I may be MIA off and on for a bit.

Earlier this week my laptop decided to randomly download a virus on it’s own and completely screw my computer up. My whole computer itself is just running slow. My boyfriend worked on it last night got the majority of the problem removed but there is still something on it making it run slow.

I’ve been trying to delete programs that don’t look familiar to me or that I for sure know I had no part in downloading them. . But with removing programs I have to restart my computer and well my computer takes forever to restart now.

Right now I’m currently taking over my boyfriends computer and testing it out (it hasn’t been used in probably over two years). I don’t want to start using it to it’s full potential that I had my other laptop running until I know this one won’t create any problems. I don’t really have to transfer anything like pictures or media to this laptop but for now I’m taking an easy on this one before it decides to do the same thing my computer did.

This may not mean anything to you but it’s frustrating that I actually started to get to doing something and then all of a sudden my computer decided to be dumb and screw itself up.

I can tell you in advance that I got the opportunity to try a new skin care company out and the products are currently being shipped to me, so when I am done testing these products out I will be sure to post about it.  But that honestly might be the next thing you see from me.

I will try to upload stuff but being stressed with this problem just makes me not want to deal with technology for a while.

Also this may mean nothing to you, but I unfortunately have to start looking for a job and if I succeed in that department then my posts will be up late (depending on hours of work). Or posts may be limited throughout the week.

So if you guys can just bear with me and stick through the ride I will greatly appreciate that! Everything is just happening all at once and it’s too much to handle at the moment.

Thank You All for Your Support! And hopefully I can get something up next week, if not again, another post you see from me may not be until my new products I will be trying out.

Thank You Again!


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