Wet N Wild Comfort Zone Palette

Hey ladies! Thought I would share what I found and picked by at Rite Aid the other day.

Wet N Wild Comfort Zone Palette

I know it’s kind of old but when I saw it I remembered I saw a tutorial on Youtube, so I grabbed it. They had another one I don’t know the name of it but it was one with bright pinks, blue and all the other colors in the rainbow.

I’ve been using Wet N Wild eyeshadows probably ever since I was in middle school, but back then I didn’t care how good it was or how long it lasted. Don’t get me wrong Wet N Wild has some good products but somehow I end up finding the not so great products.

Example, I’ve heard everyone and their mother rave about the Fergie Eye Primer, so I bought it and I didn’t see how it did anything special.

Enough blabbering. . I decided to give Wet N Wild another chance and really work with their products. So that’s why I picked Comfort Zone up, I liked the colors in it as well.

So here it is . . .


You can’t see it in this picture but my favorite shade is the last one on the right. It’s like MAC Blue Brown Pigment. There’s really so many looks you can create with this, and I also like that they have 4 different looks you can create on the back of the packaging.

20150119_130026This is the row of shadows on the left

20150119_125916Shadows in right row. . the blue brown shade it just showing up brown, after you rub it a lot the blue goes away and leaves the brown behind.

I forget how much I got this for  . . maybe $5 but for 8 shadows I think this is great for younger people, and ones who are just starting out with makeup.

The only thing I wish was the packaging of the shadow pots were a lot better, more so how the shadows are packed into the pots. When I came home I noticed the top left shade had a dent in the top . . moments later that shadow fell out.

This even happened with a single shadow I had couple years back, one ever so lightly bump on anything and the shadow crumbled.

Also wish there were more matte shadows within this company, there might be but I guess I just never come across them.

What Wet N Wild Products Do You Love?


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