Drustore Haul

Girls . . I did some damage over the weekend.

I hit every drugstore I could think of to try and find the new Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless foundation and the new concealers and primers. I couldn’t find them anywhere until my last stop at Walgreens.

But in the meantime of searching for these products I picked up other things, some new many old but new to me.

WARNING: This post contains A LOT of pictures. I have tried some of the stuff I bought and others I swatched. I’ll give a little first impression on them below the pictures! I’ll also categorize them by the stores I bought them at. Bare with me ya’ll it’s a good amount of stuff.


OlayOlay Fresh Effects Deep Pore & Exfoliating CleanserI’ve so far used this for almost three days. I would consider myself to have large pores, at least you can see them up close. I haven’t noticed a huge difference with my pores while using this and the exfoliator beads in this is very tiny. What I do like about this is it leaves my skin very soft and clean after and through to the next morning. I also noticed some acne going away.

nyxcollageNYX Soft Matte Lip Creme in StockholmI’ve always wanted to try these and every time I see them I can never find a color I think I will like. Finally I found one of the darker colors I like. It’s like a pinky brown, 90’s trend lip. The texture when applied i guess you can say feels like a dry lip gloss but dries completely matte but not an uncomfortable matte. I love it especially with the lipstick I like to pair it with, which is . .

rimmelcollageRimmel London Kate Moss Collection Yes another pinky brown color. This paired with the soft matte lip creme just looks so pretty. You would think it wouldn’t make a difference, but the pink in this tones down the brown in the lip creme.

milanimascaracollageMilani Total Lash Cover Mascara with 3 Zone BrushI’ll be honest I bought this because the brush seemed cool to me. This product is one of the three new Milani Mascaras. The brush is claimed to have 3 zones for defining, volumizing and curling. The brush is mainly wire with 2 different rubber/plastic pieces wrapped around the brush. I like to use the rubber pieces to comb through my lashes after applying the mascara to help seperate them.

NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil in Light Brown This was the lightest shade they had so I went with it. I have the Elf brow kit and can’t get used to it, so I’m starting from the bottom and going with a pencil. I’m no brow expert or really know how to do my brows, but I’m learning and from playing with this you can build the color and it stays a long time.

stayfabfoundationCover Girl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation– I originally got this at Rite Aid and bought a shade lighter because while researching this people said it Oxidizes. On me it did not oxidize and was too light so I bought the next shade up 810 I believe and I still wasn’t noticing oxidization. But it feels smooth and almost feels like a powder when it dries. It claims to work as a primer, concealer and foundation. I would say for me it was a pretty good coverage, covered any redness I had and even toned down my freckles. (not saying freckles are bad but mine are crazy)


covergirlfoundationCover Girl Ready Set Gorgeous FoundationThis is a more lighter coverage foundation for me. It says it’s medium coverage but in some areas it looked like I applied a BB cream instead of a foundation. This also dries to a powdery touch which is supposed to help keep shine away and pull any sweat away from your face . . according to the website. I really can’t say much about this, I just wore it for maybe 2 hours just to play with it and didn’t really pay attention to what it was doing or did.

Revlon Lash AdhesiveWhat can I say about this really? I tried to apply false lashes and the lash application itse;f was horrific. . not the glues’ fault, it’s my own. I did however “accidentally” get it on my eyelid and that stuff WAS NOT GOING ANYWHERE FOR TWO DAYS. That means it holds good right? Mine was also in black that’s how I knew it was on my lid and I couldn’t get it off. But while applying the lashes on the inner corner of the lash I could not get it to stay down . . I don’t know if it was the lashes or the glue just wouldn’t hold on that part of my eye? I NEED HELP WITH FALSE LASHES :(. Someone give me an idea of what lashes I should try since it’s my first time trying to apply them.


jordanafabulashJordana Fabuliner Liquid EyelinerI think at one point this was hyped up . . I could be wrong. The website claims . . . felt tip precision, no skipping or dragging, convenient and easy to use and dramatic eye definition.  It is a felt tip, however I prefer the Essence I Love Punk felt tip over this. It wasn’t very pigmented and it seemed like it was drying on me while trying to draw my liner. I’ll have to play with it more I guess . . are you supposed to shake it before each use? I wish I could find the Jessie’s Girl eyeliner pen but my rite aid is dumb and doesn’t have it.

jordanamascaraJordana Best Lash EXTREMESorry I thought it needed the emphasis on extreme. I love love love the brush . . it’s a rubber brush which by the way I typically hate because my lashes always tend to clump with rubber bristles. But this thing did not clump my lashes . . volume I couldn’t tell really . .something else I have to play with, it did curl my lashes a little though.


Maybelline Master Conceal by FaceStudioAll I did was swatch it to see if it matched and i guess it’s ok for an under eye concealer. I can say I would compare this is Hard Candy Glamoflauge. The consistency in both concealers is thick and covers pretty darn well. This is also a brand spanking new product. Came out maybe the last week of December . . close to that.

fitmefoundationMaybelline Fit Me! Matte & Poreless FoundationI got this well because it’s new, but mainly to wear during the hotter months because I can get oily around that time. I just again swatched my hand to see if it matched and (excuse my language) DAMN! this stuff is no joke. It covered fine lines in my hand and had a powdery finish to it, almost like I applied primer instead of foundation. Once I rubbed it on my hand it dried immediately, no tackiness, no shine, no nothing. I can’t wait to try this out . . even though I’m more dry now I’m still going to try this out! This foundation doesn’t have a pump which can be annoying for some people . . me I don’t mind it. But if you do have a drugstore or high end foundation that did not come with a pump there is a website that sells pumps for a lot of different foundations. I am not affiliated with this company nor have I purchased anything from them, like before not having a pump is no big deal to me. I know a lot of Youtubers get their pumps from this company.

The website is called BeautyMP, you can click on that link to go to the website, they also have a code listed at the top left corner of their website. (Just trying to help anyone who isn’t able to find foundation pumps!)

If I forgot anything, I’m sure I did . . I’ll be sure to add it into another post somewhere . . or possibly I’ll go scour Walmart one day and find more new stuff.

I will like to do separate posts on the foundations, mascaras and the concealer for a more in depth review, so keep on the lookout for that!

Thanks guys for taking the time to read this! Have a great day!

What are some new drugstore products you discovered and would recommend? I love trying out new things.

Also . . does anyone know if you’re able to put videos on here without it having to be an Youtube video? I was thinking for long posts like this a video might be needed but I don’t want to upload to Youtube . . long story of confidence issues.


4 responses to “Drustore Haul

  1. I strongly regret buying the regular Fit Me foundation and powder, I should have waited and gotten this! I just saw a review on it on YT and it was amazing, confirming everything you said 🙂 I think you can upload videos directly to wordpress, but they take up a lot of media space usually 😀 xx


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