Becca Cosmetics: Ultimate Matte Lip Color

Hey Everyone! Today I’m going to share my other product from my first Hautelook purchase.

For some reason Hautelook shipped this lipstick and my mineral shadows separately even when I purchased them at the same time.. but what can you do?

Let me introduce you to the Becca Cosmetics Ultimate Matte Lip Color in the color Eloise.


Eloise on the Becca website is described as a ballerina pink. Which in the swatch yes I see pink, but on my lips the first time I applied it; I honestly couldn’t even tell I put it on. I think my lips are just naturally dark pink pigmented that anything nude pink won’t show up much.


This lipstick is creamy when applied but stays for a good amount of time. For me I didn’t notice any transferring of color while eating or drinking. They do dry to matte after a while but not an irritating matte finish, if you prefer you can add lip balm underneath it. I did that the first time and that is the only time I noticed that it felt slippery and disappeared quicker.

These lipsticks retail for $24, but I bought mine off of Hautelook for $4, I think. That is the only reason why I got this, high end brand on sale for cheap . . I think yes . . kind of wish I would have gotten the foundation and luminous skin color that was also on sale.. shame one me.

Well that was it! Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!!


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