Terre Mere Cosmetics: Mineral Eyeshadow

Happy New Year’s Eve!!! Apologies ahead of time for bad picture quality.

Let’s get started . . First off I would like to say Hautelook is going to be the death of me. Seriously. I’ve made two purchases from them so far and these eye shadows were part of one order but the other thing with that order for some reason was going to be shipped separately.

I found the company Terre Mere on Hautelook, I’ve never heard of them before this and the sale was pretty dang good. Hautelook had these eye shadows in a pack of five for $19 . . on Terre Mere website these eye shadows are $19 for a single one. So this was a pretty banging deal if you ask me.

I got the Smokey Eyes Set which I only got this set over the other ones because I liked the dark burgundy color.

This is my first time actually using mineral eye shadow and I thought it would be a lot easier than what I experienced last night while trying to swatch them. They have the little stopper in them to prevent from them spilling every where, but my problem with this was I couldn’t get anything out into the lid to where it was enough product to even do a swatch with. So I ended up having to take the stopper out and now I guess I’m going to end up using them like a pigment, since that’s .pretty much what they are to begin with


Without Primer

With Primer

With Primer

In the swatches I did with and without eyelid primer and some colors didn’t make a huge difference but the dark colors did. I also would suggest using these with eye drops or fix plus to bring them out and help minimize fall out. All of the shades have shimmery fleks in them but some I noticed once applied and blended the shimmery fleks don’t show on the lid.

Again I apologize for crappy pictures, trying to swatch them and get them to where you can see them was starting to become a pain in my butt and I slightly gave up. I also can’t use flash on my camera because my lens is huge and using flash when I hold the camera at a down angle makes a shadow.

Thanks for stopping by and keep on the lookout for my next two things I bought off Hautelook!


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