Elf Haul : Lips

Welcome back to the second part of my Elf haul . . only one more to go!

In this post it’s all about the lips . . which is short and sweet.

Mineral Mineral Lipstick – Rich Raspberry


Just from swatching this lipstick seemed really patchy and very light in pigmentaion.

Essential Lipstick – Voodoo


Studio Matte Lip Color – Praline & Tea Rose




Tea Rose

I really like Tea Rose, it looks like a purple mauve nude but I think it’s more like Your Lips But Better kind of color. When I applied it, the color just made my lips a little more darker of a nude no purple mauve came off as the color. Same with praline, swatching it looks like a brown red but on my lips its just nude. These are very creamy and after a while they become matte, and not too matte where they dry our your lips, after about an hour I did notice it feels dry and maybe a little tacky but it’s nothing you can’t handle, throw some lip balm over top to make a smooth and you’re fine!


3 responses to “Elf Haul : Lips

    • Elf is a hit or miss company. My first ever stuff I bought I didnt like it because some stuff smelled, didnt do anything or didnt work when I got them this batch I just bought I like most of everything but the lipsticks and the eyebrow kit i got. As much as I hate paying for shipping I would recommend buying stuff off their website, they have more variety and most of the time they have sales. And their brushes do nothing for me but other people can swear by them. Their baked eyeshadows are good, the lustrous eye shadow and mineral eyeshadows are also good ones.


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