Elf Haul: Eyes

I decided to break the things I bought from e.l.f into three categories so the post isn’t a day long.

Would also like to apologize in advanced for the picture quality, if I had flash on it had a shadow if no flash it made it too bright where you couldn’t tell the color, then my camera died and I had to do some on my phone . . those are the distorted ones. Technology problems.

In this post there will be pictures of everything related to eyes that I purchased; eyeshadow, concealer, and primer.

It will also be more of a first impression/first look kind of posts but when I get to use them more I will be sure to let you guys know what products out of the entire haul that I liked the most and give more in depth review.

Essential Glitter Primer


I bought this because I heard it was good for loose shadows and pigments and my idea was to use it with the mineral eye shadows that I thought I bought but apparently I didn’t. . oops. It’s like legit glue and you only need the tiniest bit, I obviously squeezed too much.

Essential Smudge Pot – Back to Basics


This thing will not budge . . not even a baby wipe will take this off.

Mineral Eyeshadow Primer


Apparently this is the best thing on earth, for my eyelids I currently just use the NYC Concealer and it does an okay job. The texture is like a silicone feel.

Mineral Pressed Mineral Shadow – What’s Your Name, Lunchbreak & Wine Tour


Swatch L-R :What’s Your Name, Wine Tour & Lunch Break

Very smooth and buttery, wish there was more pigmentation and more matte shades.

What’s Your Name and Wine Tour both have shimmer in them and Lunch Break is the only matte. Their so buttery they “patch”.

Studio Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow – Gala & Party





These are very creamy and mousse like. I tried using a brush with them which it works but you have to dip and swirl your brush in it a lot to get color. Using my finger was easier and it blended really well. These are also pretty anti-smudge and budge worthy.

Studio Eyebrow Kit – Light


Honestly I have never done my eyebrows, but this was another product that was hyped about and on their best sellers list. So hopefully I can do it and not look like a monster.


4 responses to “Elf Haul: Eyes

  1. Hope you like everything! I use the eyebrow kit EVERYDAY (Just the wax/cream whatever it is, the powder isn’t something I love). You should set the brows with some type of powder tho. It can wipe away very easily, which also kind of makes it really user friendly.
    Great post!


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