November Favorites

This month has been very busy for me. Moved to a new “home” in a different state so all that nonsense with switching everything over is about to happen.


With all of this I’ve only got to really try a little bit of new things.

Aztec Indian Healing Clay


I originally saw this on on of the Youtubers I watch and wanted to give it a go. This stuff is no joke, seriously.

To make a mask just grab a bowl put some clay in it and add water, make sure its like a paste like consitency and not too runny; the first time I accidentally put too much water in it and all it did was slip right off when I applied. Let dry for about 10-15 min or until you can’t handle it anymore.

Now when I say “can’t handle it”, when the clay dries it tightens your skin to no jokes, that means it’s working by pulling out all the dirt and impurities. It almost feels like you’ve been in a dessert for several weeks and your skin has no hydration. After you let it sit, wet a wash cloth and dap it on your face to loosen the clay then wipe off.

You can then either wash your face like normal or apply mooisturizer to get some moisture back into your skin, I warn you your face will still feel like the mask is on after you’ve taken it off. You may notice redness to your skin after removing the clay but this is normal, and don’t worry if new blemishes appear; that means the mask worked!

L’Oreal Paris Ideal Moisture Even Skin Tone Day/Night Cream


My skin gets really dry and patchy when it gets cold out. I’ve been using this cream for almost a month and it leaves my skin really soft and smooth. I use this when I get out of the shower, before I go to bed and before I apply makeup. It helps my makeup go on smoothly to wear I notice I don’t really need a primer anymore. It also help reduce redness on my face a little bit.

Bullet Acne Aid


I got this little sample guy in a Pinchme box at the beginning of the month. I recently started breaking out badly again and nothing was working so I remembered I had this and tried it out. I will start off by say this thing is weird . . a good weird though. It’s not a cream or a gel it’s a lubricant . . yes a lubricant. When i opened it and was about to apply it I read the package and saw lubricant and thought this was a joke.

This claims to kill 99% of acne bacteria in less than 60 seconds. How you can prove that i don’t know. But what I did notice redness went down and the swollen-ness of my acne went down to almost nothing. I’m not going to say it fully removed my acne because it’s still there just not as swollen and noticeable.

It’s free of oil, alcohol, fragrances, parabens, phthalates, and harsh chemicals. I’m convinced that this may work for me so when ever I’m near an CVS I’m going to pick one up since it’s only $6.99. At first I thought it being a lubricant was weird but you get used to it and forget about it.

Unfortunately I only got to test out these products with the time that I had, but I don’t think you need a whole medicine cabinet full of new favorite things.


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