Smiley 360 Campaign: Dial Acne System

Smiley360 sent me a full size Dial Acne Control System to review for free.


I know I have reviewed this product before from BzzAgent. The only difference with Smiley360 was I got a full size of the product so I had more time to really test it out.


I really hate to be negative, I really do, but it’s not really being negative because I’m not bashing the product at all. For me it just didn’t work and still isn’t working. It may be my skin just doesn’t comprehend with acne cleansers. I have used a lot in my life and with every one that I have tried I notice they work but for only a couple uses then my skin gets used to it and it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. Even though it doesn’t really do anything for me I still use it in my facial routine just in case my skin decides to work with it.

This peoduct claims to give you clearer looking skin in 3 days but all I noticed in 24 hours was the redness was gone. Nothing else to me stood out, I still had acne spots, blemishes and more developing. I even make sure to exfoliate my face before using the acne wash just so I know it will seep into my skin and fight the acne. But my skin is a butt and won’t let it do it’s job.

As before I still like how it’s thicker formula like a gel and doesn’t smell like acne medicine. It doesn’t burn my face or acne when applied and leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth instead of dried out like other products tend to do.

I think this is a great product for someone it will work on, and to me it’s less harsh so if you have sensitive skin it would work for you.

*I was sent this product for free from Smiley360 for review purposes*

*The picture was also used from Smiley360’s website*


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