ELF Studio Endless Eyes Palette

I’ve had this thing for a while now and at first I didn’t like it at all. After using it and working with it a little more, I’ve come to terms i like it a little more but not as much as I want to.

I got mine at Ross maybe a year ago for $8 I believe. ELF has something like this on their website but they don’t have the color I have mine in which is classic. There are 32 total shadows in this palette with matte and shimmery shades.

To me when I swatched the shades most of them looked similar or the same to the ones their next to. I have used these dry and wet and didn’t really notice a difference other than being wet they were thicker. Their pigmented when swatched but when I go to blend them they sheer out and disappear. Some of the mattes are smooth and buttery when others are dry and crumbly. All the shimmer shades are smooth and buttery and have a fair amount of fall out.

My favorite color is the burgundy shade in the 3rd row all the way to the right but when swatched it doesn’t look burgundy at all it looks more brown. The gold shades show up the most without losing any of their pigmentation.

I would like to announce that I finally made a purchase on the ELF website and got a lot of new things since their Best Sellers are 50% off until midnight tonight.

Now onto the swatches . . the light matte shades didn’t really show up well even with flash so if you see blanks in the swatches it’s most likely a light matte shade.


Row 1


Row 2


Row 3


Row 4

I really like the gunmetal shade in the last picture . . I’ll have to work with that since I have never used it yet. The last two shades also in the last picture are black, one with glitter and the other matte black, but I notice the glitter is almost like an overspray, I never get the glitter when used.

This palette is a great gift for anyone who loves makeup and wants to begin learning more about makeup, ELF has 2 other palettes in the colors Everyday and Brights for $6. The link is directed to the website and I am not affiliated with them.

Thank You everyone and I can’t wait to get my massive ELF package hopefully in the next week so I can share it with you guys!


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