Home Sweet Home

I know this isn’t beauty related but it just started to hit me hard. I move for the first time in my entire life in one week to a place almost two hours from where I grew up. I’ve lived in the same house since I was born up until I was pregnant with my daughter. I moved in with my boyfriend at his dads when we found out I was pregnant but to me that’s not really moving, I had no choice and it’s only 15 minutes away.

My friends and some family live where I grew up and I’m leaving all of that to move so it’s a little more convenient for my boyfriend’s work . . but in reality it’s the same distance as where we live now . . someone just liked waiting until the last minute to find a place to live.

I never really pictured seeing myself move to another state especially after I had a baby. I’ve always said “I can’t wait until I can move where ever I want and never come back” to my dad; and now it kind of hurts. I grew up living with my dad and grandparents but mostly my dad and my grandpa, my grandma passed away when I was six. My grandpa was my everything, we were so close, in my eyes he was the one that raised me. He put me on the bus, got me off the bus and put me to bed. My dad was on a bowling team and had late classes for work when I was little, he was around, saw him everyday but to me my grandfather was there the most.

After my grandfather passed away me and my dad never got along, always got into fights; I’ve been locked out of my house several times, even ran away (not literally he knew where I was) to Florida to my aunts. It was just hard having my best friend leave me like he did and that’s part of the reason I can’t stand hospitals, funerals and nursing homes. I used to have nightmares that he recovered 100% from his stroke and came home and everything was back to normal.

I was thankful I met my boyfriend because he could relate to what I was going through, he went through the same thing with his grandmother. He pretty much helped me through everything. Now being together for seven years and having a daughter together, we have to move and be on our own. Yay! we’re grown ups now, haha. I’ve never really wanted to leave my dad alone, but it’s time that we’re on our own and have our own space. I always wanted to live around the corner just in case he needed me or I needed him. Moving away is a happy time but I feel bad for my dad, he lives alone and won’t be able to come over after work every other day to see my daughter. Now it’s weekends he can only see her and holidays.

Kind of bad and sad to say but I hope we move back to Maryland next year . . that’s really bad. I’m excited to move and have a place called mine and make it mine, but moving for the first time in my life from my home is just weird.


2 responses to “Home Sweet Home

  1. Hi Shandel, thanks for sharing something so personal. I feel I can really relate to what you’re going through in some ways, in my teenage years I also had quite a turbulent time with my dad – however a few years later I found myself in a full time relationship and pregnant. As my husband lived in Scotland at the time and had a business there, I had no alternatively but to move just after our daughter was born, it was tough/weird/emotional saying goodbye to friends and family but it had to be done. Building a new life is always hard, but it can be exciting too – thankfully nowadays its really easy to keep in touch via Skype, phones, social media etc. Keep looking at all the positives around you & how to make the best of your life – I also found it helped by reminding myself ‘moving back is always an option’ – it just helped make me feel more comfortable. I’m now back home in Ireland with my husband and daughter and we’re really settled again after 7 years of being away. It feels good, but so does all the great memories I’ve cherished from living away. Make the most of it & wishing you all the best… you really deserve it 🙂 Karen x



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