Elf Products Not Worth the Hype/ Ideal Audience

Blogging 101 : Future Readers

Since my blog is about beauty my future and ideal audience would be anyone interested in beauty related topics. We have to create a post just for that audience so today I’m going to show you products I have bought from Elf (eyes lips and face) that I would never buy ever again.

Elf is now sold at Target and some drugstores, But I bought these items off their website with a coupon code, and to me many of their “good” items aren’t sold in stores, you have to get them off their website. Every year maybe twice a year I’m not sure I forget they have a 50% off everything sale on their website. I haven’t purchased anything  from that sale but every time it comes out I fill up a shopping cart and never get to purchase them and I kick myself in the butt for that.

I bought these items last year when they were being talked about a lot but since new items have been added to Elf’s line these items may not be talked about as much.

Essential 12pc Brush Set

Elf has 2 different brush lines; essential and studio. The difference between these two are the prices and slightly the quality. Anything essential marked and in white packaging is $1-$2 and sometimes cheap in quality. Anything studio is $3-$6 and maybe higher and has black packaging with better quality.

On to the brush set I bought. Only reason I got these was because youtube talked them up and I needed makeup brushes. At first I liked them and was excited but then they started to shed after one use and lost their shape pretty quick. Even washing them dried them out and made their original shape disappear. They felt dry and stiff and when I would apply makeup with them I would have brush hairs all over my face. For me their worthless you get what you pay for and they didnt seem to hold any product.

Cream Eyeliner Pot

This is supposed to be like a gel eyeliner and its supposedly the best one. WRONG. I will admit when I first got it, it was creamy, very pigmented and went on smoothly. After opening it even making sure the cap was on tight and correct, it dried out quick like weeks quick. It still had some creaminess to it but the pigmentation decreased and then I started noticing transfer to my crease and smudging.

Essential Undereye Concealer & Highlighter

WOMP WOMP FAIL! Highlight is worthless its like painting white paint on your face and not being able to blend it out, way to light. Concealer didnt really cover anything and after a while it started smelling like cheap makeup, and I knew it was that specific product because I smelt it after applying it.

Eyeshadow Primer and Line Sealer

Not sure til this day how the line sealer works . . Its supposed to turn any powder eyeshadow into eyeliner, tried it once it just seemed to erase the color. The primer was chunky and hard to blend for me and it was skin toned but didnt really enhance the eyeshadow.

Essential Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

Besides the brush set this is the other most talked about product. I would give you my experience with it but once I unpackaged it I did one swipe and BOOM it was dead. Just one tiny little line and the thing dried up and died. I held it upside down overnight, shook it, did everything and that thing was not coming back to life. They do have a new waterproof pen I really want to try.

Eyeshadow Palette

Im not sure which one it is, it has 32 shades all neutral in it. I actually bought this at Ross for $5 maybe. There are some mattes and the rest are all shimmer shades. My favorite is the burgundy red but I just stopped using it altogether. “But elf shadows are the best”. That may be the case but for me they were chalky with little pigmentation. It seemed like every time I would blend them out ever so lightly the shade was gone. After getting fed up with it I gave up and moved on. I will say their baked eye shadows are great, I have one in toasted and its pigmented, just shimmery. Is it just me or does Elf just have shimmer shades? Do they have any matte shades? I also heard their single shadows are good, something else I would like to try if they have any matte.

Elf is really affordable but there are a lot of hit and misses, its just taking the time to experiment with them and not get frustrated like I do when something doesn’t work and youtube swore by it! That’s part of my problem . . Trusting people on youtube haha.

Totally off topic but after seeing Youtube Beauty Blogger Kathleen Lights’ Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay video I so bought that stuff. Ordered it on Amazon, got in the mail tried it out (im going to test it out more before I post about it) sat it on the counter; boyfriend picks it up thinking its actual molding clay and then proceeds to ask “what did youtube lie to you about this time”. I cracked up and walked away.

So stay tuned next few weeks that review should be up, I would like to use it more before I give my opinion and suggestions on it.

If you swear by any Elf products and would highly recommend them, let me know so I can build a list of new things to try! Thanks everyone!


10 responses to “Elf Products Not Worth the Hype/ Ideal Audience

  1. If I didn’t go out buy the L’Oreal Eyestudio Gel Liner I would still be using the Elf one, even though it’s dry I can still use it. I would just put some eye drops in it to give it life but the transferring to my crease really bothered me. It’s pretty good for the price and I’ve heard the black one is the only good one out of all of them. I’m still holding onto it in case I lose my other one for some reason.


  2. I’ve found Elf to be the most random company when it comes to products. I can buy an eyeshadow and it’s flaky and no good and my sister will buy the same one and it’s great.It’s really weird. Having said that over all I really like Elf because even if it’s not great I didn’t spend too much. I totally agree though about the primer and sealer I had the same experience.


    • I always go to their set up in target and walmart and spend what feels like hours second guessing myself, if I should buy anything that ive heard people love. Theiy have awesome prices and if I could find what im looking for with them thats awesome I would choose them over anything. Ill keep looking and hopefully give in and give them another chance.


      • It really does take a lot of work now that you mention it. I watch this woman on youtube her name is Emily at beauty broadcast. She usually gets it right when it comes to elf. But like you’ve said it’s so hit and miss. With the time spent sorting through things it might be worth it to just buy something else now that I think about it!


  3. Some of their studio brushes are amazing! And I use the Essential Eyeshadow Brush daily!
    But I agree they have some pretty not-so-great-almost-upsettingly-bad products.

    It would be cool if you talked about ones you do love! 🙂


    • I am definitely trying to find some products to buy, I just moved and the nearest “city” that has a walmart or target is 30min away and I dont want to make that trip and leave with nothing. Lol. Most of their products I really want to try are not sold in stores and I hate paying for shipping but if I cant get them in stores ill have to make that online purchase soon and let you guys in the know of what I got and like!

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