My daughter Hailie at the pumpkin patch

My daughter Hailie at the pumpkin patch

What is Bliss to me? This sweet bundle of joy name Hailie. My 8 month old daughter who likes to explore every possible crevice in the house and sits at the back patio door staring outside.

Hailie is my complete happiness and world, when I was 6 weeks pregnant with her I went to the ER with pain, bleeding and vomiting after eating anything. I was pretty certain the vomiting is morning sickness but I had no idea it could be as bad as I had it. All day, everyday, after everything I ate and drank. I hate hospitals, and why I’ve always wanted to work in one I dont know, but I hate them. The doctor gave me some medicine to stop the vomiting so I could try and get some sleep. After an ultrasound and several different blood tests, the doctor came in and told me I had a hemorrhage and that at 6 weeks most likely I would have a miscarriage. But I felt different, I felt that, that wasnt going to be the case even if she told me she thought about 90% I was going to lose the pregnancy. Couple days later I went to my OB/GYN and she said I was fine and the hemorrhage stopped and cleared up and everything was fine.

I knew I would experience some problems since my cousin was pretty much on hormone pills while she was pregnant to carry full term, but I didn’t need those. My problems were I had morning sickness until I was almost 6 months pregnant, I had to take medication to suppress that, but the medication made me sleep so I had to wait until I got off work to take them. I worked overnight and made food, which made it very hard, a lot of calling out and trips to the bathroom. I was then put on Baby Aspirin to reduce the chance of me having a seizure (I had a seizure couple years ago due to my corated artery being too narrow and not letting enough blood pass through to my brain). The aspirin was the thin my blood so I wouldnt have a seizure. Near the end of my term  got dizzy and blacked out and pretty much had to go on medical leave which ended up me not going back to work because I worked overnight and had no one to watch my daughter (everyone went to work at 4am and didnt get home until 6pm, if not working overtime). I finally had my baby girl March 1!

She’s the best and I wouldnt change anything, I love staying home with her and watch her grow. I’m also very blessed that I got to prove the ER doctor wrong because she didn’t put it to me lightly she pretty much came out and said “you’re going to have a miscarriage in the next couple of days”. One of the reasons I hate hospitals, my OB seemed to know more than the ER doctor.


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