Won’t Change

I thought since my daughter is napping I would take this little time I have to post about day two of Blogging 101.

The challenge was to change your blog name and title to something that portrays your blog better. But I am not chaning mine because one I wouldnt know what to change it to and two Im not really that creative with naming things.

Though my name may not explain really what my blog is about at all, I like it; even if it is my first name and middle name. I see it being personal but at the same time its welcoming in a way I guess.

I chose the title “be yourself be beautiful” because to me being beautiful doesnt always mean slather your face with makeup. To me it means being yourself, let the you thats deep down inside come out and that shows your true beauty. I think its important these days to remeber who YOU are and not what other people see you as or want you to be. Its your life take it in your own hands and take control. Inner beauty is worth more than spending $30 on a blur skin perfecting primer that guarantees all imperfections to be covered. Be proud of who you are dont hide any of your imperfections.

My imperfections are I speak my mind without thinking before I speak (only if its something thats truely bothering me), I have a huge birth mark on my right thigh and I never wore bathing suits that couldnt cover it up because I didnt want people asking or staring at me.

As long as you be you no ones opinion should matter, you know who you are if they dont want to take the time to get to know the real you then screw them, you dont need them in your life.


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