I Wish I Never Bought . .

Hey guys! I thought I would post some things more related to my blog other than the Blogging 101 & Photography 101 courses. So Today I’m gladly bringing you to the products I 100% regret buying. You may have these things and like them but for me they either didn’t do anything or I just didn’t like them.

Almay Smart Shade Perfect & Correct Primer


I actually really didn’t intend on purchasing this but while I was looking for what I wanted I ran into this and went with it.  I was actually looking for a yellow under eye primer or a primer that was yellow but I couldn’t find it, so how I chose this instead of just leaving without spending money is beyond me.


Instantly smooth and color correct skin

Lavender color to even out and brighten skin tone

Green color to reduce redness

Number one thing I HATE about this product is that it straight up stinks. If you take off the top and sniff it you can’t really smell anything, but once i pumped it on my fingers and put it on my face it smelt like old cheap makeup and another stinkiness I just can’t describe. Kind of smells like plastic i guess .. burning plastic. Bottom line it stinks and I want to puke everytime I put it on my face.

I used this maybe two times so far and really don’t see it changing anything on my skin. It doesn’t really reduce the redness on my face, which the redness I do have is from break outs and washing my face.

It also was really hard to blend into my skin, it seemed like it took forever to sink into my skin, so I would have to keep rubbing and rubbing it in.

This was $10 at Wal-mart so I really wish it would have worked out, because to me that’s alot to spend on a primer.

If you use this or have used it and liked it let me know, maybe I’m using it wrong?

Wet N Wild Silk Finish Lipstick


This lipstick is in silver plastic packaging and it’s in the color Pink Ice. I was in CVS looking for more neutral pink shades and to me this is just too pink. The formula is creamy and shiny. I really don’t have anything else to say because all I did was a swatch and didn’t like it on my lips.

Wet N Wild Megalast Lipstick


The color I have is Think Pink, once again I was looking for a neutral pink and this was too pink and I also didn’t like how dry it was when trying to apply. If you swatch it, it’s really smooth and creamy but when I would apply it to my lips it was hard to spread it around. It’s also matte but like dry matte.

Maybelline Color Sensation Buffs Lipstick


My fault is I should have went a color up on this one. I ended up getting Bare All which is a really light nude pink. It makes me look a bit scary if I would attempt to wear this out in public. It smells like vanilla which is ok better than cheap smelling makeup, very smooth and creamy.

If you guys tried or love any of these products and recommend something you love, I love to hear it so I can find what I’m looking for, I should really stop buying stuff close to what I’m looking for and just wait until I actually find what I’m looking for. I think that’s every makeup lovers problem! haha

*All these pictures are from drugstore.com*


9 responses to “I Wish I Never Bought . .

    • Your welcome, I have many more but with an 8 month old seeing me on the computer and getting upset really limits what I can post. I really want to do one on elf products I have bought that I also didnt like, hopefully that will be up soon!

      Liked by 1 person

      • No worries at all! Family is way more important. I would be interested to see how the ELF products compare to others. I almost bought some the other day but wasn’t sure if I should.


      • A lot of elf products are hit and miss, watching them on youtube its really gotten my attention if they actually really do what the beauty vloggers say, because some of the products I have that they swear by didnt work for me at all. I know for sure the studio line which is their $3 line is better than the $1 essential line. But makeup works different on everyone.

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      • Interesting. I have tried the face primer and it makes my face look pretty flawless but it has a slightly weird texture at first. I have also tried some of the liquid foundations and didn’t like it because it was greasy and didn’t last super long before kind of spoiling. :/


    • The only Almay products ive used besides the primer is their mascara, eyeshadow trios for hazel eyes and I think I used to have an eyeliner from them. Those 3 things were my absolute favorite ecspecially the mascara . . Im thinking I should go buy it again.

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      • I haven’t tried the mascara! Maybe I should try it out. I do like the twist up eyeliner they sell. I use it when my UD pencils are not sharpened. It is easy to carry around.


      • I cant remeber what eyeliner I had Im pretty sure its the one youre talking about. But the mascara at least when I had it was in a grey tube and the brush was bigger than ive ever seen in mascaras before and to me that helped my lashes curl and not clump, it also kind of had little specs of shimmer in it but you didnt notice it in your lashes. It was amazing!

        Liked by 1 person

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