October 2014 Favorites

This post was originally intended for September but obviously I ran out of time! I still use and absolutely love all of these products.

L’Oreal Ever Creme Shampoo & Conditioner Intense Nourishing


I was searching for a shampoo and conditioner that was sulfate free and also helped repair damaged hair. While in Food Lion I saw this, I originally was looking for the one in a pink bottle but Food Lion didn’t carry that so I picked these up instead.

This products is targeted towards dry and very dry hair. It’s sulfate free, paraben free, no harsh salts, made from natural botanicals and is 100% vegan free.

Sulfates are known to dry and strip your hair, and I have this problem with a lot of shampoos I used in the past. The first ever sulfate free shampoo and conditioner I’ve ever used was the Organix Argan Oil and I liked it, it smelled great but since trying this stuff I love it more over the Organix brand.

Even though it’s sulfate free it lathers pretty darn good and you don’t even need that much, I use about a dime size and it lathers and spreads in my hair smoothly.

When using the conditioner I like to leave it in my hair for several minutes and go on with my other shower routines and rinse out before I get out of the shower, it leaves my hair soft, smooth and tangle free.

Up&Up Brand Facial Buff Sponges


I needed a good exfoliator and well I don’t have the money for a Clarasonic or anything like that. All I need with these sponges is facial cleanser and it does all the exfoliating I need. I would warn you that the sponges are quite rough so if you have sensitive skin I would not suggest using these, even if you use a light hand they can hurt. But I have very dry skin in the colder months so even if it hurts a little bit I need it (i know that sounds terrible but it’s the truth).

Dial Acne Control Face Wash


I’ve gotten samples from BzzAgent, then I got a full size bottle from Smiley360 to do more testing. Like I said before it really does work and I like it better than other face washes because it’s a thick formula and sticks to my skin and doesn’t smell chemically.

CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser


I use the green and white bottle targeted towards normal to oily skin, even though I have dry skin it still works fine. I’m not going to throw out a full bottle since I bought the wrong one and didn’t realize it until I started using it. I also use this with the Up & Up Face Sponges and it really does get all the dirt and makeup off.

CVS Exfoliating Makeup Wipes


I wanted to try these to see if they would help with my dry skin problems. I mostly use them on days when I don’t have time in the morning to go through a whole detailed skin routine. It’s bad to not wash your face every day but let’s face it there are mornings where you don’t have time. I only use this if I’m going to be wearing makeup. They have a fresh scent not too overwhelming and they are extremely soft for an exfoilator wipe.


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