Lip Monthly : October 2014

It’s that time of the month where all the subscription boxes come in the mail. This month I only got Lip Monthly and this is probably the last one I’ll be getting. We’re moving the beginning of next month and I’ll be looking for a job so until I get one I won’t be getting any subscription services. I’m also considering getting Boxycharm when I do get a job.

This months Lip Monthly came in a different bag due to so many people suggesting/complaining they kept getting the same boring blue bag. It’s orange with purple accents and has Lip Monthly on the bottom right corner, it’s alright I don’t really care for the bags anymore their just extra storage for me.


In the Bag:


Starlooks Lip Scrub – It’s brown sugar based and smells really good. To use it says to pat the product in, it doesn’t suggest applying to wet or dry lips, I tried dry lips and it seemed to crumble and not stay on my lips.

Noyah Balm – Flavor is cherry, it’s a clear balm and at first when I looked at it I thought it was dry until I tried it and holy cow it’s really smooth, I actually applied to much and now my lips are ridiculously slippery. It says to apply before applying lipstick and let it sink in, then remove right before you put on your lipstick.



JCat Nude Lipstick – The name is Honeycrisp, I think it’s really pretty I have not gotten the chance to apply it to my lips though, hopefully it doesn’t make me look like a ghost.



deVine Lip Shimmer – This to me is not shimmery, it’s more like a tinted lip balm but very lightly tinted, the color is Pinot Noir and is purple in the stick but when applied it slightly changes color to your lips.



LA Girl Eyeliner – Pretty upset it’s pencil and not their new glide on pencils. Color is black – brown and the pencil to me is not smooth.

I tried looking on Lip Monthly’s website for the prices but none of these items are up on the website yet so I searched all over the web for them.

Starlooks Lip Scrub – I found this on their website and the one their selling is yellow, but it is full size sold 5 for $10 on Starlooks.

deVine Lip Shimmer – Full size $4.95 on their website

LA Girl Eyeliner – Full Size $3

Noyah Lip Balm – Full Size $3.99

J Cat Lipstick – Full Size $2,99

All these products this month were full size and the total of the bag is $24.93, for the starlooks lip scrub you get 5 for $10 so the price is $10.

I’ll definitely use every product, only thing is I wish the eyeliner was the new glide pencils I really want to try those.


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